What Are the Different Types of Architectural Technologist Jobs?

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Different types of architectural technologist jobs are found within companies that manage the construction of new buildings, including architectural or engineering firms and construction companies. These professionals work closely with both the architectural design team and the construction team in order to make sure an architectural design is structurally sound. Overseeing new building projects and evaluating the integrity of existing buildings are two of the main types of architectural technologist jobs available.

One of the main types of architectural technologist jobs involves work on new buildings. Technologists who work with new projects ensure that a new building is built to code and can often be found working at a construction site along with the building crew. An awareness of construction and environmental regulations is necessary for technologists with these positions, as they must make sure that construction teams follow local laws and regulations. Determining whether the building is sound at all phases of construction may also fall to people with these types of architectural technologist jobs.

Architectural technologist jobs at construction sites are also focused on overseeing other aspects of construction. In this position, technologists may make sure that a project is built according to the design. If problems arise and the design needs to be changed, the technologist may make decisions about how to redesign the building, or may consult with designers and engineers before moving forward with the project.


Though the majority of architectural technologist jobs are focused on the creation of new buildings, there are also technologists that work with existing buildings. These professionals may inspect a building to determine whether it is structurally sound and compliant with environmental regulations. If it isn't, the technologist may be employed to determine how to correct the problem.

Another place architectural technologist jobs can be found is in architectural firms. Professionals in these settings often work directly with clients to help develop a new project. The technologist in an architectural firm may work as a go-between in order to synthesize the ideas of a client, a designing architect, and an engineer. Similar types of architectural technologist jobs can be found in engineering and construction firms.

Many architectural technologists are employed by large companies, but there are also some that work independently. These technologists may work in a team with designers and engineers or they may have expertise in these fields themselves, eliminating the need for a support staff. Self-employed architectural technologists perform the same work as those employed by firms and can design buildings for clients or oversee construction sites.


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