What Are the Different Types of Architectural Designer Jobs?

Angela Johnson

There are many types of different architectural designer jobs in a few different industries. They include junior architectural designers, traditional architects who design buildings, and interior architectural designers along with landscape architectural designers and application architectural designers. Each of these architectural designer jobs performs different functions within their respective industries, and all typically require a high level of design skill. They require specific education that meets industry standards and requirements.

Architects design building interiors, exteriors, and landscapes.
Architects design building interiors, exteriors, and landscapes.

Junior architectural designers are usually entry-level jobs that serve mainly as assistants to senior level designers. They work side by side with traditional architects who design buildings. The junior designer is commonly responsible for presenting conceptual designs under the supervision of a senior designer. Oftentimes, a junior role can lead to a senior architectural designer position. There are many opportunities for employment with firms that specialize in designing buildings or infrastructures because they typically hire different designers to head each project they undertake.

Architectural designers are responsible for drafting the blueprints of a new structure.
Architectural designers are responsible for drafting the blueprints of a new structure.

There are interior architectural designer jobs that employ professionals who have usually graduated from interior or architectural design schools or, at the minimum, with degrees in either of these specialties. The interior architectural designer focuses on the interior of a building. They are able to create the atmosphere in a room or entire building by using certain color pallets with design modalities as well as furniture and decorations. Lighting, texture, and lines are also important to create appealing designs for the clients who hire them.

Landscape architectural designer jobs are typically held by higher-level landscapers who create complete landscapes for hotels or large estates as well as entire communities. There are two main types of landscape architectural designers: residential and business. Residential designers can work on a larger scale with urban landscaping design, which entails working with the entire landscape of an urban area. This can include both the hardscapes, which are rocks and other hard structures, as well as the softscapes, which includes the lawn and horticulture elements.

Application architectural designers are designers who create the infrastructure, design, and development for applications on computer systems. These types of architectural designer jobs are in high demand in the information technology (IT) industry. New applications are needed on a daily basis, and these designers create these application designs. This position typically requires some type of IT degree or many years of experience in the field.

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