What are the Different Types of Architect Projects?

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There are numerous types of architect projects. Projects include buildings that are either residential, like single family homes or lofts, or commercial which can range from malls to office buildings to churches. In addition to buildings, architect projects include such things as bridges and monuments. Not only can the structure itself vary greatly, but the style of the design among the different types of architect projects varies as well. Over the years those designs have changed tremendously from ancient Egyptian pyramids to castles erected during the French Renaissance, to Art Deco apartment buildings.

One of the more common types of architect projects is luxury homes. These homes usually feature contemporary and trendy features including eco-friendly appliances and organic components. Architects often design these for their affluent clients, with sprawling rooms, elaborate interiors and landscaped backyards including custom-designed pools and spas. Most residential architectural firms also have interior designers who work with the clients to complete the interior for the home.

Church architect projects are another common type of architecture project and can range from basic small churches to extravagant churches featuring large steeples, sanctuaries, and other fellowship buildings adjacent to the church. Architects generally work with the church planning director and other staff to find out what the church’s needs are and set a budget before planning the project. Often, the architect may have to rebuild an existing church or tear down old buildings in order to start the project.


Construction companies usually have a commercial architect that helps with designing projects, structural planning and drafting blueprints. Architects may work on large-scale office towers or smaller multi-level office buildings. There are many commercial opportunities for architects such as adding on to university buildings, creating office parks and fountains, and general commercial landscaping.

Another type of common architect projects is the category of cultural projects, which are museums, cultural centers, national libraries and other centers. These projects are found in almost every country or state and usually include input from jurisdictional leaders. The cultural centers tend to focus on a cultural or historical theme such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Other well-known cultural architectural projects include the Guggenheim Museum and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

People who are interested in architect design need to attend architect school and study structure, design and engineering. Architects have to keep abreast of current building trends and building codes. Architect projects also have to adhere to jurisdictional building laws and regulations as well as stay on budget with the person or company that commissioned the architect to do the project. Other skills needed would be computer and technology skills as there are computer programs that architects use to create a three-dimensional design of the project in order to show the client a proposed picture of the building.


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