What are the Different Types of Architect Jobs?

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There are five different types of architect jobs: designer, project manager, consultant, business owner, and instructor. All five job types require a combination of education and experience, and architects are generally trained in both engineering and design. They are responsible for providing the detailed instructions and drawings to create buildings.

In order to be qualified for any of these different architect jobs, most candidates must have a post-secondary training in architecture. This degree can be earned from an accredited university and is most often a four-year program. Many people include other elements and technologies into their education, which can result in a six- or seven-year program.


A designer is responsible for the artistic rendering of a building concept. The design is based on a combination of the space, client requirements, and building codes. Most architect jobs are design projects. The unique training that an architect receives allows them to combine art and science.

Project manager

The project manager on a construction job is often an architect. This type of position relies on experience in both construction and architectural design. There are many decisions that are made at the project management level. These architect jobs are best suited to candidates with at least 10 years of architecture and construction experience.



Due to the specialized knowledge and perspective that they have, many architects become professional consultants. They frequently work for a consulting firm that specializes in a specific type of project, such as public works or building restoration. Some architects start their own consulting firms and build a roster of engineers, project managers, and architects to complete stalled projects.

Business owner

Many construction firms are owned and operated by architects. They often start small, with a residential development or custom homes. Over time, they expand the firm to build larger developments or take on larger-scale projects. The brand name home building firms that are advertised on the television are most often led by an architect and named after them.


As an instructor, an architect can often find a position in higher education, teaching architecture design concepts to architecture technician or drawing students. He or she can also find a role as a professor or lecturer at the university level, and many architects write books on a specialty area of architecture and design. The popularity of home renovations is increasing, and many people take courses that are offered by architects about important issues to consider when building or renovating a home; some courses are even made available via the Internet. This type of architect job may help to improve the profile of the architect while increasing the knowledge available to the public.


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Post 3

Cafe41-Sometimes architects job search leads them to a private client that may need assistance redesigning a home or building.

In this design phase the architect would draw up plans on how the renovation should look so that a contractor can take these plans and make it a reality.

Architect job openings are best in large cities with many design projects. Also, many architects create their own design firms and take residential and commercial projects as well. Many successful architects in large cities earn six figure salaries.

Post 2

Cupcake15- Most architect job description involves design work. The design is the cornerstone of most technical architect jobs and what architects spend most of their time in school working with.

They usually use software called CAD that helps them design specific spaces. They have to take into account the materials and the safety measures when creating a design.

They also have to make sure the building is not only aesthetically appealing but structurally sound. Architects not only have to be artistically inclined but they have to have strong math and science skills as well.

Post 1

Architects usually seek a B.A. degree that requires a five year program in order to successfully pass the state licensing exam. Many seek intern architect jobs while in college and continue with the firm after graduation.

Some seek entry level architect jobs elsewhere so they can seek more money.

My sister-in-law was seeking architect job openings when she moved to New York City and she was hired to work with the World Trade Center Memorial project in a managerial position.

Sometimes architects work supervising a staff and approving various contracts in addition to their design work.

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