What Are the Different Types of Arbitrator Jobs?

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There are many different types of arbitrator jobs, spanning nearly every area of legal practice. Arbitrator jobs are often defined by knowledge of a specific area of law; not all arbitrator positions are ideal for all candidates. Some of the most common types of arbitrator jobs include family law positions, commercial occupations, insurance jobs, and careers in international arbitration.

Family law arbitrator jobs require an in-depth knowledge of divorce, custody, and child protection laws. In addition to extensive legal training and certification, a family law arbitrator must be able to successfully negotiate deeply emotional issues, such as the division of custody between warring parents. Since arbitration is a legally binding process, a family law arbitrator is tasked with determining a fair, safe, and equitable final decision that may impact the parties' lives for many years to come. Handling contentious divorces, managing prenuptial agreements, and determining custody rights are some of the most common cases in this type of job.


Commercial arbitrators are well-versed in business, labor, and union laws, and may be called in to manage and judge disputes between individuals, corporations, and labor unions. Commercial arbitrator jobs may require specific training in an particular area of business, such as knowledge of medical law. Since an arbitrator must be seen as a neutral judge, he or she must not allow any improper ties to form with a specific company or industry. In cases where neutrality is in question, one of the parties may decide to seek legal recourse from the courts in the event of an unfair decision, which can be quite damaging to the arbitrator's professional reputation.

The complex and often murky waters of insurance disputes often require the services of an expert insurance arbitrator. Often, arbitrator jobs in the insurance industry require training tailored specifically to a certain type of dispute or insurance law. Insurance arbitrator jobs usually require that the arbitrator act as a judge and jury for policy holders accusing insurance agencies of bad faith, or vice versa. In-depth knowledge of both insurance law and the industry itself are important qualifications in this field.

Careers in international arbitration may involve the resolution of several conflicting bodies of law, in order to fairly determine critical issues. Water rights, border disputes, and international labor standards are just a few of the many areas that an international arbitrator may be called in to manage. In addition to understanding the individual laws of each country involved in a multinational dispute, arbitrators must also possess a comprehensive knowledge of international laws that may provide further barriers to resolution. With lives, jobs, and homes often in the balance, the career of an international arbitrator is rarely dull.


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