What Are the Different Types of Antivirus Software for Mobile Devices?

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With mobile devices no longer limited to basic data storage or making telephone calls, there is a need to secure antivirus software for mobile devices that offer a wide range of protections. In fact, the scope of this form of virus protection software covers the same issues as any type of antivirus protection for desktop or laptop computers. Among the programs designed to help protect mobile devices are virus protection, spyware, and malware options that may be designed for use on multiple devices, or customized for use on specific handheld devices equipped with Internet access.

One of the essentials of antivirus software for mobile devices is the virus protection program. Typically, these programs have the ability to scan incoming email as well as check sites that are accessed from the device for any signs of viruses or other malicious programming that could damage the mobile device. Most will allow for scans of the device’s hard drive on demand, as well as the setup of a recurring scan ranging from daily to weekly or even monthly. Automatic updates are also common with this type of protection software, making it easier to stay protected from the latest threats.


Along with virus protection, antivirus software for mobile devices will often address the problems of spyware and other forms of malware. Bugs of this type are sometimes downloaded in the background while the mobile user is browsing on the web, and can either interfere with certain functions, make use of resources without the user’s permission, or even capture and forward proprietary information to a remote destination. Spyware and malware protection for mobile devices helps to identify these threats and neutralize them before any permanent damage can be done.

It is important to note that antivirus software for mobile devices may be designed for specific types and models of those handheld devices. Before purchasing any of these products directly from the Internet or in a brick and mortar computer store, take the time to make sure the software is compatible with the device, the operating system used, and the amount of resources inherent in the device. There are also free virus, spyware, and malware protection programs that are designed to work with a wide range of devices. Taking the time to identify software that is right for the particular mobile device will ensure the programs selected for antivirus software for mobile phones and similar devices will function properly and protect the devices from all the different threats that are capable of compromising security and create a number of problems for the end user.


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