What are the Different Types of Answering Service Jobs?

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There are many types of answering service jobs in all fields of work. Some of these jobs include call center answering service jobs, customer service answering service jobs, and a job as a phone operator who works for a telephone company. A receptionist's job may include answering service duties as well.

Answering service jobs in selling might involve working as part of a professional sales staff. This may be with a large company or corporation that offers services or merchandise for sale. As part of the answering service team, the employee who works in a sales environment may take phone orders or answer inquiries regarding products or services offered.

A call center generally employs people in answering service jobs. In a call center, there may be a large room of individual sales representatives on hand to answer public phone calls. This may also be classified as a telemarketing job.

Medical answering service work may involve employment in a hospital or medical center. A physician's office may also employ an answering service. Those who operate these services typically take information or set appointments during off-hours, or when the doctor's office is closed. This is sometimes referred to as an emergency answering service.


Many apartment buildings employ a professional maintenance team. The maintenance service typically utilizes an emergency maintenance answering service to assist residents in need of service. This may be referred to as a maintenance answering service.

People who run their own businesses out of their homes sometimes employ an answering service. This type of work is sometimes known as a virtual receptionist job. The virtual receptionist will speak with potential and established clients over the phone. She may set appointments or discuss products that may be offered.

Answering service jobs for attorneys may make appointments for consultations. Also known as a lawyer's receptionist, she will typically have strong communication skills. A good speaking voice is also required.

There are answering service jobs that involve conducting telephone interviews and surveys. Many of these phone operators will have bilingual skills as well. As part of this answering service job, surveys and interviews may also be conducted in person after the initial phone interview has been completed.

Some answering service jobs may also involve clerical and office work, such as typing, bookkeeping, or filing, in addition to phone duties. This may be classified as administrative work. Verbal skills, as well as strong writing skills are typically required.


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