What Are the Different Types of Anger Tests?

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Anger is a complex emotion experienced by all people to some degree throughout their lives. While it is a natural and typical feeling in the majority of cases, some people may have difficulty controlling the emotion or preventing it from becoming a factor in their daily lives. There are numerous official and unofficial anger tests that can help a person determine if his or her anger is under adequate control or requires professional treatment. These tests include the State-Trait Anger Inventory 2 (STAXI-2), the Novaco Anger Scale (NAS-PI), and numerous other tests that can be taken online for free.

The State-Trait Anger Inventory 2, is a 57-part test that used to determine the strength of one's anger and how likely a person is to become angry at any given time. Within the state section, anger intensity is analyzed, while the trait section looks at the likelihood of anger expression as a result of personality factors. These anger tests are divided into six sections, including state and trait anger, anger expression in and out, and anger control in and out. The test is quick to administer by a qualified psychologist, and scores take into account whether the subject is a teenager, adult or currently undergoing psychiatric treatment.


The Novaco Anger Scale evaluates how an individual goes through anger and the type of events or circumstances that will lead to angry outbursts. It analyzes elements including aggression, arousal, irritability, and the ability to calm down in emotional situations. This test is also relatively quick to perform and requires only a fourth grade reading level to complete. Often, the STAXI-2 and the NAS-PI are used in conjunction to get a complete picture of a person's anger issues.

There are numerous free anger tests available in print and online to allow people to assess their anger levels from home. While these can be a good starting point for anyone concerned about anger management, they should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional and should not be used to treat an anger problem. Many of these tests are questionnaires that ask the individual to state how he or she would feel in a hypothetical situation. Others require users to rate their responses to certain situations on numerical scales, or to choose a picture that represents how they are feeling.

Almost all anger tests will include situations that would make almost anyone angry to attempt to increase the validity of the test. An angry response to certain situations, such as having a car stolen, are completely typical and are not a cause for concern so long as the emotion is not harbored for too long. Many free anger tests can be uses as a means to take a step back from unhealthy anger and decided to make a positive change in attitude. If professional help is needed, a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist can provide mental health care.


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