What Are the Different Types of Airport Career Opportunities?

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Airport career opportunities not only include working for airlines, but may also involve working for the airport or any businesses that are in the airport. Many different types of employees are required in order to keep an airport running smoothly. In general, airport career opportunities span many different categories of office jobs as well as many types of careers specific to the airline industry. Airline dispatchers, for example, are found primarily at airports and can be a lucrative career path in this industry. The types of airport career opportunities available depend on the specific airport, as not all of these facilities have the same needs due to the size or focus of the airport.

Some of the most important airport employees are involved in airplane safety and operations. People who work on or with planes directly often do not work for an airport but rather for an airline. Even so, these employees are sometimes stationed at a particular airport. Customer service agents at the door and ticketing also work primarily at a single airport, as do many managerial and office employees.

Technical employees in airports might be involved in keeping computers running and all equipment in working order. Additional support might be needed specifically by airlines to ensure that planes are in working order. Certain airlines that deal with shipping or other flights without passengers might have additional technical requirements relating to inventory and management.


In addition to airport career opportunities associated with a particular airline, there are also job opportunities unique to the airport itself. Employees who clean the airport may work in a number of different divisions, and the airport also typically has its own customer service staff. Security officers who work at a specific airport also have an important role to fill, although these professionals are not always employed directly by the airport.

Often, airports have a number of stores, restaurants, and other facilities that are run by outside companies. Careers at these stores do not always have benefits relevant to travel or flying, but they do often provide steady employment. Some companies place smaller versions of their stores in airports, and these smaller stores require a number of different employees because they often operate independently.

All airports also have higher-level airport career opportunities, which include jobs as managers, directors, and heads of various departments. Each of these positions requires a number of supporting positions, all of which can also be excellent career opportunities. Airports require many different types of employees, and each particular airport usually has a job site where various career opportunities are listed. On these websites, it is also often possible to find internships relating to various departments in airports.


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Post 4

Animandel - Like the article mentioned, there are so many jobs in airports that we as passengers never think about. Of course, I think of security personnel, flight staff, baggage handlers and such positions, but there are also so many people working behind the scenes, people we never see.

Some employees work on temporary assignments and some are part time, but, yes, airports do provide work for many people and airports are a vital part of local economies and the world economy.

Post 3

Sporkasia - I knew the number of employees would be large, but over 30,000 at the Los Angeles airport is more then I expected. Numbers like that make it easier to understand why economies are so significantly influenced by air travel.

Post 2

Animandel - I spend too much time in airports and I have noticed that they are indeed like small cities. Whatever you need, you can probably find there.

As for how many people work in a large airport, I read that over 30,000 people work at LAX and Logan in Boston employs over 12,000 according to their website.

Post 1

Wow! I had never thought much about it, so I just realized that an airport is like a small city. I wonder how many people a large airport employs or provides work for. Then you add the number of passengers and people picking up and dropping off people, and you get a large number of people passing through each day.

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