What Are the Different Types of Air Hostess Qualifications?

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The position of an air hostess is a job that some young women aspire to do to the perception that it is an exciting one. This perception is largely drawn from the fact that air hostesses get to fly to different locations around the globe, have the chance to interact with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds, and receive a lot of corporate perks. While this may be true to some extent, air hostesses must have some certain qualifications in order to be accepted by an airline. Since airlines are independent companies, their corporate objectives also largely differ according to the goals the airline is trying to achieve. Some general air hostess qualifications include a basic education to a stated level, the ability to communicate with people effectively, certifications as required by the region under consideration, knowledge about some basic self-defense maneuvers, and the ability to handle emergency equipment.


Various airlines set the peg for the minimum requirements from the air hostesses in terms of education, meaning that some might accept candidates who do not have a college degree but instead some other form of education. Some airlines might place more premium on looks and human skills rather than the attainment of a college degree, as the educational air hostess qualifications is really dependent on the airline in question. An inclusion in the more important air hostess qualifications is the ability to interact effectively with people, which includes the ability to communicate in a clear and understandable manner with people, leaving no room for any misinterpretation. This particular skill is so important because air hostesses are the face of the airline as well as other service staff who interact with passengers. The perception passengers have of these service staff is vital to the survival of the airline since it affects their decision to fly regularly with that airline or to look for alternatives where the staff are more people-friendly and polite.

Another inclusion in the list of air hostess qualifications may be knowing at least one foreign language, depending on the policies of the airline. The reason for this is due to the fact that air hostesses work with people from different cultures and backgrounds who speak different languages, meaning that knowledge of other languages and culture will be a plus. Due to the unpredictability of human nature, air hostesses may be required to undergo some basic self-defense skills to help them protect themselves in case they are faced with certain rowdy passengers who may be drunk or mentally unstable. These skills will also be handy in terms of offering some form of defense in cases of terrorism or dealing with belligerent passengers.


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