What are the Different Types of Air Force Careers?

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Air forces provide protection to a nation's skies. This is a major operation that requires thousands of people to manage it successfully. For this reason, there are many different types of air force careers. Recruits can choose between a life spent in mechanical, electronics, administrative and general careers. Each area has many jobs, all of which are crucial to running an air force.

Air force careers that focus on mechanical aspects allow individuals to work on some of the most high-tech machinery in the world. Working on jet engines, propeller planes and helicopters is part of the daily demand of these challenging mechanic jobs. Air forces provide training for recruits with no previous experience, usually allowing them to work up from less-complicated machines to the state-of-the-art planes over the course of many years.

Working in electronics is another type of the bountiful air force careers available. There generally are two main areas where these jobs can take recruits: either repairing aircraft electronics or working with stationary electronics. Knowing the complex wiring of an airplane, how to diagnose a problem and how to repair it on a variety of aircraft is an important duty. Knowing how the various radar and communications systems work on the ground and being able to fix them is another important part of air force careers in the field of electronics.


Running bases is an important part of air force careers. There are so many people and pieces of equipment being utilized, there is a great amount of air force duty dedicated to organizing everyone and everything. Administrative jobs include logistical planners, transportation experts, personnel workers and materials experts. These jobs allow a base to run smoothly so others can focus on the job of defense.

The general air force careers range greatly in scope, but each contributes to the success of air defense. One of the most popular but most difficult jobs to attain is that of pilot, because there are many physical and mental requirements, along with intense training. Air traffic controllers also serve an important job by keeping the takeoffs and landings moving efficiently. Other jobs around a base include being a nurse, radar operator and intelligence agent.


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