What are the Different Types of Agricultural Services?

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Agriculture encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, including animal husbandry, crop production, and natural resource management. Services provided to farmers, ranchers, and other agribusiness owners promote the success and improvement of these agricultural endeavors. Some different types of agricultural services include goods and help for egg and dairy farmers, livestock breeders, crop farmers, and beekeepers.

Pest control is an essential service for both farmers and ranchers. Some agricultural services provide wide-spectrum pesticide delivery through ground-spraying or crop-dusting. Ecobiologists consult with agribusiness about using environmentally-safe insect, bird, and bacteria predators to control crop pests. Genetic engineers provide pest-resistant seeds for food and product crops. Pharmaceutical companies supply farmers and ranchers with parasite prevention medications and vaccines.

Weed control offers many opportunities for agricultural services companies. Herbicides are manufactured, transported, and applied by service professionals, as well as sold to agribusiness owners for self-application. Goat and sheep owners rent out their herds and flocks for natural weed and brush control. Large companies provide large-scale weed removal, while an individual with a brush hog can plow weeds under on a smaller scale.


Animal husbandry services include veterinary care, the provision of breeding stock, and consulting services on how, when, and which animals to buy or breed. Horseshoeing, fence-building, feed milling, and the sale of animal-related products such as tack, coops, and stock tanks are typical agricultural services for animal handlers. Auctioneers provide services to meat and show animal breeders and dairy farmers, assisting with the buying and selling of a wide variety of livestock.

Water delivery is an essential agricultural service. Well drillers, irrigation system installers, and canal ditch riders all offer services that keep water available to agribusiness. Stock tanks, drip irrigation systems, and ditch-digging machinery need to be designed, manufactured, and sold.

Farm and ranch workers are usually critical providers of agricultural services. Even with modern machinery, manual labor is often necessary on farms and ranches. On catfish farms, workers are needed to monitor water purity, supply feed and supplements, and manage ponds. Crop farmers require workers to plant, weed, and harvest fruits and vegetables. Ranchers typically employ cowhands and herders to feed and move stock from field to field, as well as keep fences and outbuildings in good repair.

Brokers and agents are important providers of agricultural services. These people typically buy, sell, and trade agricultural commodities in foreign and domestic markets. Some insurance companies specialize in insuring livestock, agricultural machinery, and crops. Some bookkeepers, tax preparers, and financial consultants provide agriculture-specific services.


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