What are the Different Types of Agricultural Company?

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An agricultural company is a company that involves the planting and extraction of crops. This can include growers who plant and harvest these crops, the companies that transport them, and manufacturers who make the equipment used in the growing process. There are many subcategories of agriculture, each one used for its own purpose to provide necessary food, fuel, and materials for everyday citizens.

Food growers are the most well known type of agricultural company. These are the men and woman who plant and harvest everything from corn to beans to wheat. Nearly every living thing on earth depends on these growers for food and any materials that are made from food by-products. They provide the grains that feed cattle, chickens and other livestock so that they may also be used for food. This type of company is broken down into sub-categories, including apple growers, wheat growers and berry growers. Others plant a wide variety of food items at once to maximize production and sales.

Another type of agricultural company involves the planting and implementation of corn and other crops that can be used as fuel. With fossil fuels dwindling in supply and growing in price every year, the use of corn-, sugar- or potato-based ethanol alcohol is growing. This branch of agriculture includes those who actually grow the plants, as well as the factories and extractors who use them as renewable energy sources.


Manufacturers of machinery and other equipment used by farmers are another type of agricultural company. These people build and design new tractors, mowers and other farm necessities for easier land preparation and faster harvesting and planting. This industry can be comprised of mechanics, engineers and other professionals who are familiar with the needs of growers and seek to find solutions to their concerns.

The organic food industry is an increasingly important type of agricultural company. With toxins being added to much of the world’s food supply in the form of pesticides, there is a growing concern over the safety of these plants. Organic growers do not use pesticides in planting their goods, nor do they use genetically modified or altered plant life. They also offer pesticide-free feed for organic livestock.As organic crops and organically fed livestock grow in popularity, this sector of agriculture will continue to thrive.

There are additional agricultural fields, including marketing professionals who specialize in the sales and advertising of plant materials and environmental experts who research and develop safer and more sustainable ways of growing and harvesting crops. Each of these professional services play an important role in sustaining not only the agricultural industry as a whole, but life in general. As new technologies emerge that allow the full potential of crops to be used, agricultural companies will gain new life around the world.


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