What Are the Different Types of Aftershave for Women?

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Shaving can be a frustrating process for women, especially since razors have the propensity to cause redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs. One of the most effective ways to reduce such risks is to use an aftershave product. There are a variety of types of aftershave for women, including lotions, creams, and balms. The best type chosen depends on a woman’s specific skin needs and personal preferences. Women should also consider using a gel during the shaving process to further decrease the risk of irritation.

Some of the most common types of aftershave for women come in the form of either a lotion or a cream. Lightweight lotions tend to work best for combination and oily skin because they provide the right amount of moisture without clogging pores. Women with dry skin might consider using a heavier cream, since it is more likely to contain emollients to add extra moisture. Such lotions and creams are labeled specifically as aftershave products, which differ from regular versions sold in beauty and drugstores.


Another aftershave for women product comes in the form of a balm. It is lightweight, but still contains ample moisture in order to prevent irritated skin. The downside to balms is that they tend to come in smaller containers, so users might go through the product quicker than a lotion or cream version of aftershave. Other types of balms are available for oily skin types, but consumers should make sure that they are labeled as non-comedogenic, meaning that the products do not clog pores.

When looking for aftershave for women, it is important that shoppers steer clear of products that contain alcohol. Such ingredients tend to dry out the skin, which can actually cause rashes. Alcohol is often used by women with oily and acne-prone skin, but the ingredient can still irritate freshly-shaved areas. Women with sensitive skin might also consider avoiding aftershave products with either alcohol or fragrances.

Although aftershave for women can help to keep the skin smooth and free of rashes, there are steps that should also be taken during the actual shaving process. Dry shaving is more likely to cause irritation than using a razor with water, and users might also consider using a gel to prepare the skin. Properly protected skin creates a barrier between the razor and hot water, which, in particular, helps to loosen hairs from their follicles. For these reasons, a bath or shower is generally the best place to shave.


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Post 3
@donasmrs-- You could use straight up, pure aloe vera gel. It's my favorite! Rose water is another all-natural option.
Post 2

@donasmrs-- I haven't seen anything that's labeled as aftershave for women either, but it doesn't have to be. I personally use a men's aftershave that has a mild scent. It can be hard to find because most men's aftershaves have very masculine scents. But if you're keen to use an aftershave, you can do that.

Lots of women use creams, lotions, balms and body splashes as an aftershave. My best friend uses scented witch hazel. She says it's very good. It's also very affordable, I might try that as well when my aftershave runs out.

Post 1

I've never seen a product labeled as "aftershave" for women. Has anyone seen it?

My skin becomes very irritated after shaving and it hurts and itches for days. I usually apply skin lotion with aloe vera after shaving. It works okay, but if there is an aftershave product for women, I would prefer to use that instead.

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