What are the Different Types of Aeronautics Jobs?

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People who work in the aeronautics industry play an important role in aviation. These professionals have careers in aeronautics sectors, including commercial aviation, military and aerospace. There are a variety of different aeronautics jobs for trained professionals.

Pilots are one of the most common types of aeronautics jobs in the aviation field. Licensed pilots have to get in a certain number of flight hours and pass an exam to get their pilot license. Individuals can work for commercial airlines, private airfields or train to become a military pilot. Military pilots have tasks such as transporting soldiers in helicopters or navigating a fighter jet during battle.

Another one of the many existing aeronautics jobs is that of an aircraft mechanic. An aircraft mechanic’s main responsibilities are to service and repair airplanes. The mechanic is also in charge of performing maintenance on the other parts of the plane such as the propellers, brakes and dashboard instruments. Other job duties the mechanic has are inspecting the airplane and reporting dangerous problems with the plane to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Aeronautics jobs that require the professional to be extremely alert are air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers monitor air traffic and regulate planes entering and leaving the airspace. The controller has to make sure the pilots adhere to safety and governmental regulations regarding landing and flying. These individuals are also responsible for communicating with pilots in the air and keeping up with weather alerts.


Professionals who deal with the study and design of aircraft and aviation equipment are aeronautical engineers. The military employs aeronautical engineers to create defense weapons used in planes. Commercial aviation companies use aeronautical engineers to analyze flight patterns and make planes safer in the air. Some aeronautical engineers work on making fuel-efficient aircraft and ensuring planes meet environmental guidelines.

Individuals who excel at drawing may look to work in one of the aeronautics jobs called an aeronautical drafter. This employee drafts blueprints for aviation equipment such as spacecrafts, airplanes and airborne weapons. An aeronautical drafter also uses computer-aided design software (CAD) to create three-dimensional figures of the engineer’s designs.

Candidates for aeronautical jobs may find this career choice to be highly competitive. People who want to have an aeronautical career need to have a degree in aeronautical science. A strong background in math, science and chemistry is also helpful. Certain jobs such as a pilot or engineer require additional licensing or certification depending on the skill needed.


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