What are the Different Types of Aerobics Gear?

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Depending on the kind of aerobics that is being practiced there are various kinds of required aerobics gear. Some of the most popular kinds of aerobics classes include water aerobics, aerobic kickboxing, and step aerobics. For all of these kinds of aerobics, there are specific sets of equipment needed to perform the exercises. When aerobics are practiced as part of a class or within a gym, the aerobics gear is usually provided. For those who want to practice at home on their own or using videos, however, the aerobics gear will have to be purchased.

Water aerobics gear includes resistance dumbbells and a belt that is worn to help maintain balance. Resistance dumbbells are shaped just like regular dumbbells except that they are capped with buoyant disks instead of with weights. These buoyant disks are used to create resistance in the water. By repeatedly pushing them under water, the arms, back, shoulders, and upper body in general, are worked.

Kickboxing requires a different kind of aerobics gear. The key pieces of aerobics gear associated with kickboxing include gloves to protect the hands and a punching bag. Usually the punching bag is hung above a soft mat in case the person exercising loses his balance and falls to the ground. Aerobics gear for step aerobics is really just one item: the aerobics bench. This is a low bench that is used to step up onto during step aerobics classes.


Other pieces of aerobics gear include proper attire to wear during aerobic exercises. Clothing should not be too voluminous as extra fabric can get in the way of movements. This is especially true with aerobics pants. The clothing should also have some stretch to it so that it can move with the body. Finally, the clothing should breathe well and allow the sweat to come away from the skin by being absorbed through the material and evaporating from the surface. It is important that appropriate clothing is worn to make exercising as effective as possible.

There are fitness equipment companies that specialize in aerobics gear. In fact, the gear is often sold in sets. Sometimes it is even sold in packages with DVDs or videos that instruct the owners in how to use the equipment and offer workouts and circuits that can be practiced at home. These packages can be found from fitness equipment stores and online retailers.


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@ocelot60- I agree with you, but you have to keep in mind that you have to start slowly when you use dumbbells. One time I carried three-pound dumbbells while walking and doing other aerobic moves, and I had a lot of muscle pain the next day. My aerobics instructor told me that I should start out with one-pound dumbbells, and use them for a while before I gradually increase the weight.

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Dumbbells are the best type of aerobics gear in my opinion. Not only do they give your arms a good workout, but they also help to tone your muscles. If you use dumbbells while doing other types of aerobic exercises like stretches, lunges, or walking, they even help to further increase your heart rate during your workout.

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