What are the Different Types of Aerobic Fitness Equipment?

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Aerobic exercise provides a person with numerous benefits. Included among these are weight loss, stress relief, and the reduced chances of contracting certain diseases. Such exercises are recommended for all types of people. There are many exercises that can qualify as aerobic. These exercises can be done with aerobic fitness equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, or stair steppers.

A really simplistic piece of aerobic exercise equipment is a jump rope. It does not generally matter which material a jump rope is made out of. This piece of equipment also does not have to be used for the standard two foot jump. There is a variety of jump rope exercises that a person can engage in to prevent herself from getting bored.

Biking is an aerobic exercise. Some people, however, do not wish to venture outdoors or may not live in an environment where doing so is simple. Some people, therefore, choose to meet their aerobic needs on exercise bikes. These stationary pieces of equipment generally allow a person to make the workout more difficult. This is done similar to the manner in which she could do so if she were to change gears on a regular bicycle, but electronic controls are used.


Treadmills are pieces of aerobic fitness equipment that allow people to walk, jog, or run indoors. These machines are good because they provide this versatility. They also commonly offer features such as the ability to design a routine with varying paces and changing inclines.

A stair stepper is another stationary piece of aerobic fitness equipment that allows a person to mimic a non-stationary activity. Unlike treadmills which encourage a person to engage in back and forth leg motions, a stair stepper involves a person engaging in up and down motions. These machines are often more effective in exercising the upper legs than bikes or treadmills.

An aerobic step is a piece of equipment that can offer a person a lot of versatility. If a person does not like the idea of remaining stationary and engaging in a repetitive exercise, an aerobic step may be a good choice. These can be used for various types of routines such as power boxing and power cardio. This piece of equipment is basically a long piece of plastic that can be stacked on risers, which lift it higher off of the ground and increase the difficulty of the workout.

A trampoline is a piece of aerobic fitness equipment that the entire family can benefit from while having fun. Trampolines come in various sizes and heights. All of these can be beneficial, depending upon the types of exercises that a person plans to do on them.


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@raynbow- If you are looking for used aerobic fitness equipment for your workouts, you should check out different sports and exercise equipment stores to see if they sell used fitness equipment. Some stores do, and they only sell items that are in good working order. You could get a good deal and the peace of mind in knowing that the used treadmill that you want to buy has been check out to make sure that it works properly.

Post 2

@raynbow- I don't think that you would have any trouble if you purchase a used treadmill as long as you make sure it is in good working order first. You should look at all of the mechanisms and make sure that no parts are missing. Also, check all of the functions to make sure that they work, and get on it and give a try to see if it runs smoothly.

Whether you are considering a used treadmill that is at a second-hand store or is being sold by an individual owner, the seller should be more than willing to show you that it works when you ask. If not, you should look for another used treadmill for sale.

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I'm wondering if it is a good idea to buy a used treadmill. I want to get one to do aerobic exercises when the weather is too cold or rainy to be outdoors. My problem is that I don't have enough extra money in my budget to purchase a new one.

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