What Are the Different Types of Advertising Media?

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One of the foremost thoughts in a businessperson’s mind is how to advertise his or her business. Many companies have specific departments setup to handle the task. Before one can make an educated decision on how to advertise his or her business, he or she must understand the different types of advertising media. Online, digital, print, television and radio advertising are all types of advertising media. Each type might not work for every business, but understanding what each one is and whom it targets will help a person decide which options are best for his or her business.

Online advertising has become increasingly popular with many businesses because of its relatively wide reach. Businesses have many options when it comes to using the Internet for advertising. Many sites allow a business to advertise using a type of bidding system that allows it to select its target market and the daily amount it would like to spend on advertising. Businesses might also choose to purchase ad space to appear on certain sites that serve their target market.

Digital advertising is a form of advertising media that allows a business to purchase ad space to appear in video games, digital video, digital radio and other forms of digital media. Although some digital advertising appears on the Internet, some of it does not. Some video games that are played on computers and video game consoles have digital advertisements.

Traditionally, print advertising has been the most popular form of advertising media. This type of advertising includes ad space in newspapers, books and magazines as well as brochures, pamphlets, flyers and business cards. Many businesses carefully weigh the cost versus the benefit of print advertising, because some businesses might not have a target market that utilizes certain print media. With that said, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, and business cards are all great tools for business owners to have on hand at all times, because many people like to have these small tidbits of information available in order to learn about the business.

Television and radio advertising are two of the more expensive advertising media options. Local television and radio channels might sell ad space to a local business that is looking to promote itself. Larger companies with a national or international base might choose to purchase ad space on network television stations or satellite radio channels because of the larger audience that these options offer.

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Post 4

@Oceana – It definitely helps if you know a graphic designer! When I opened my gift shop, I got my cousin to design some brochures for me at a big discount. As a bonus, I offered him a gift certificate to the store.

Though I still had to pay a printing company to print these out for me, I saved a lot by having the design ready to print. Printing companies often offer discounts to people who already have a file made up and ready to go.

The brochures turned out to be really attractive. They made my store look even more classy than it is, and I didn't have to spend a fortune on advertising.

Post 3

A good option for a budding company that can't afford to buy ad space in a publication is to make its own flyers and distribute them around town. That's what my friend does. She just opened a salon, and she gets her sister to design flyers for her.

She then tucks these flyers under windshield wipers in parking lots. She also posts them on bulletin boards in grocery stores and gas stations. It's free advertising.

She has gotten several new customers this way. They always mention that they saw her flyer somewhere. Once they come in, they are so happy with her work that they become regulars.

Post 2

@orangey03 – I own a clothing store, and I used to run ads in my local paper. However, they jacked up their prices last year to compensate for loss in revenue. How they thought this would attract more advertisers is a mystery to me.

I would like to run ads with them, because I know that my target market looks at the paper often. The problem is that for the price they charge, I can run an ad online that will reach many more people.

I chose to purchase online ad space from the local television station instead. It's crazy that I can get an ad in a place with such a wide reach for the same price as an ad in a paper with low circulation.

Post 1

Newspaper advertising has declined over the past three years drastically in my town. I design ads for the paper, and several years ago, I had to work tons of overtime just to get my job done. Now, I'm lucky if I have something to keep me busy at all.

Two years ago, the boss cut my hours down to 33 per week. There just weren't enough people advertising to justify having me there forty hours a week.

There are certain regular customers who will continue to advertise as long as we stay in business, though. The furniture store and car dealership in town frequently buy big color ads that take me several hours to finish.

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