What Are the Different Types of Advertising Management Software?

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Advertising management software includes any computer program that enables advertising professionals to buy, sell, or design advertisements. One of the most common types of advertising management software helps advertising managers and executives to organize and update accounts and projects. This kind of software may also assist advertising professionals to perform financial tasks, such as cost analysis and budgeting. Some advertising management software is designed for graphic designers and other creative professionals in the advertising world. Professionals who practice online advertising use special software that enables them to communicate directly with buyers and sellers.

Professionals who orchestrate and oversee advertising projects either work for advertising firms or in the advertising departments of larger companies. For these professionals, the best advertising management software includes programs that allow for more effective project and operational management. An executive for an advertising firm, for example, might look at list of active clients and of projects on which his or her consultants are working. The head of an advertising department, on the other hand, might use software to generate bills of materials and lists of expenses.


Creative professionals are incredibly important to any advertising team. Graphic designers, for example, create images and logos that appear on packaging and ads. Writers and editors work on copy that appears on advertisements. These professionals use advertising management software that allows them to efficiently streamline their work. For instance, a designer might use a workflow program in which he can upload his or her work. An editor can access and improve an image then pass to a department where it is prepared for layout.

A market researcher gathers data regarding client demographics and helps creative professionals and marketing managers to design advertising campaigns. These professionals use advertising management software that allows them to analyze spending habits of different client bases. They can also use business intelligence software to pull relevant data from websites and periodicals.

Professionals who sell advertisement space also use advertising management software. These programs can include features with which users can create spreadsheets and charts that illustrate where or when advertisements might appear. Television ad salespeople can use scheduling software to determine how long commercials can be and how much viewership certain slots receive.

Individuals who buy and sell online ads also use advertising management software to communicate with clients and track transactions. For instance, if an advertiser purchases space on an individual's website, both parties might be able to access information regarding views and clicks. Buyers and sellers can send one another content, statistics, and sometimes payments with programs.


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