What are the Different Types of Administrative Assistant Jobs?

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Administrative assistants perform a wide range of secretarial duties to facilitate the flow of organization and productivity in a professional or business-oriented environment, usually in an office setting. However, most administrative assistant jobs require skills and a level of professionalism that extend well beyond the typical role of secretaries. As the title implies, the primary duties of administrative assistants are largely related to the administration side of the company or organization with the goal of assisting senior and executive level staff.

Still, most administrative assistant jobs do involve a certain degree of tasks that are clerical in nature, such as answering telephones, setting appointments, typing correspondence, filing, etc. They may also be required to inventory and reorder office supplies, keep accounting records, and other mundane chores necessary for basic office management. However, administrative assistants are generally expected to be equally proficient in using a variety of computer software and database systems, as well as demonstrating exceptional communication and project management skills. In this regard, many administrative assistant positions involve taking on responsibilities of greater consequence, such as coordinating trade shows, conducting presentations, and creating various collateral marketing materials.


Many administrative assistant jobs require knowledge and skill relevant to a specialized field. For instance, some administrative assistants perform double duty as executive secretaries, medical secretaries, or legal assistants. The basic duties of running an office smoothly remain the same, but these positions also involve skills specific to the industry, such as data analysis, recording patient histories, or drafting legal documents. Additional administrative assistant positions that require specialization exist in real estate, insurance, research and development, government, educational, and many more markets.

Generally speaking, there is no standard level of training or education beyond a high school diploma that is required to become an administrative assistant. In fact, many people prepare for the role by persevering with on-the-job training in various types of office settings, and working up the ranks over a period of time. However, there are professional certifications available for administrative assistant jobs, at least in the U.S. For example, the International Association of Administrative Professionals offers the designation of Certified Administrative Professional (CAP). Other organizations provide training and certification relevant to certain professions, such as the Accredited Legal Secretary (ALS) and Professional Legal Secretary (PLS) certifications offered by the National Association of Legal Secretaries.


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Post 2

Crispety- Clerical administrative assistant jobs may involve ordering office supplies and handling payroll.

In addition, there may be a specific administrative assistant that may be in charge of handling all travel arrangements for the executives.

This ensures that the company saves money by having one person spend time in finding the most cost effective travel rates.

Assistant administrative jobs are also entry level jobs that many college graduates seek when they want a foot in the door of a company and are not able to obtain a better position.

Many agencies can help a candidate with their administrative assistant job openings. Office Team which is a division of Robert Half International is a company that comes

to mind.

They offer temporary administrative assistant jobs as well as temp to hire positions. These companies can send you on multiple interviews increasing your chances of landing a job.

Many companies resort to temporary staffing companies especially when the economic times are not stable.

These companies feel that they can let go of these contractors whenever they want and they do not have to have the commitment of a permanent employee.

Post 1

Assistant administrative jobs vary from company to company. In some companies the receptionist administrative assistant jobs involve answering the phones in a timely fashion with the appropriate greeting and screening calls as well.

In addition, they also have to greet guests at the front desk and maybe offer them a beverage while they wait.

They also have to confirm who they are there to see and make sure that they check with the person that they have an appointment with to let them know that a party is waiting for them.

Sometimes administrative assistant job openings involve virtual administrative assistant jobs or even temporary administrative assistant jobs.

In a virtual administrative job, the employee would perform

clerical tasks but from home. These usually involve typing reports for the company.

Temporary jobs on the other hand are jobs that are only for a short duration but they can often lead to full time permanent employment if the job performance was exceptional.

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