What Are the Different Types of Accountant Career Objectives?

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Public accounting, forensic accounting, private accounting, government accounting, and internal auditing are all accountant career objectives. A career objective is a concise statement contained in a resume that informs the reader about the applicant’s professional objectives or interest in a particular position. This statement is usually comprised of a general or specific job title and any qualifications, experience, education, and skills related to the position. Individuals seeking an accounting career list accountant career objectives in order to convey their interest in the position and distinguish themselves from other candidates.

Career objectives in public accounting vary according to the personal goals of the applicant. Public accountants provide a broad range of services related to accounting, auditing, and taxation. It is important for an individual interested in this position to convey the exact nature of the position desired. For example, some public accountants prefer to work exclusively on tax matters while others conduct independent audits of corporations. Accountant career objectives in this field should also explain whether the applicant wants to work for a corporation, the government, a nonprofit organization, or individuals.

A public accountant can also work in forensic accounting. In this field, accountants investigate white-collar crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, bankruptcy, and other possibly illegal financial transactions. Forensic accountants typically work for law enforcement agencies or lawyers. Accountant career objectives for such a position should convey an applicant knowledge of accounting, law, and investigative tactics.


A trained accountant can also have accountant career objectives in private accounting. This position involves recording and analyzing financial transactions for a single company. Private accountants also determine budgets, oversee cost management, and value company assets. Accountant career objectives in this field should highlight an applicant’s experience preparing financial reports for stockholders or government agencies in addition to working as a part of the team.

Government accountants perform work similar to public and private accounts. Employees in this position work in the public sector and usually record financial transactions executed by government agencies. Accounting personnel in this field may also audit businesses or individuals subject to taxation by the government entity the accountant is employed by. Accountant career objectives for such a position should highlight whether the individual is interested in working for federal, state, or local governments. Work objectives should also highlight specific departments or agencies because the nature of government work varies based on such distinctions.

Accountants can also work as internal auditors for an organization, business, or government. Auditors look for misappropriated funds, wasteful spending, or fraud. For businesses, auditors may also be required to evaluate company operations to determine ways to increase the efficiency or effectiveness of current spending. Accountant career objectives for this position should demonstrate a candidate’s ability to be impartial as well as convey her knowledge of business management.


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