What are the Different Types of Above Ground Pool Decks?

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There are two types of above ground pool decks. There is the freestanding deck, which stands adjacent to only the pool itself, and the attached deck, which is attached to the house. Choosing either depends largely on what deck design is wanted. Budget and space play equally important roles as well.

Freestanding above ground pool decks generally are the most cost-effective of the two and the easiest to construct. The most common type of freestanding deck is intended only for ease of getting in and out of the pool, though many other options are available. It usually is large enough for only two people to stand on, with steps leading to the ground and another set of steps leading into the pool. Freestanding decks are supported either by floating footings or traditional poured foundations.

Attached decks differ in that they get partial support from the house and provide a direct link between the house and the pool. These types of above ground pool decks can make the pool look like an in-ground pool. Another benefit is that these generally take up a lot less space than many freestanding deck options. They are attached directly to the house, so attached decks generally are more expensive and more difficult to build than a freestanding deck.


Three of the most common designs for above ground pool decks include platform decks, single side decks and all around decks. Being the smallest of the three, platform decks generally consist of a small deck raised to the level of the pool to provide a space for people to sit. It typically does not conform to the shape of the pool.

Single-side decks conform to one side of the pool, allowing people to climb from the water onto the deck from any point in the pool. All-around decks generally are the largest of the three, completely surrounding the pool and allowing swimmers to get into or out of the pool from any point. Decks can come in wood, composite or performed plastic, depending on the budget and preference of the consumer.


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