What are the Different Types Fitness Vacations?

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There are endless options for people interested in fitness vacations. Fitness vacations can occur nearly anyplace, from the mountains to the beach. They can be planned by the individual traveler or through a guide service. Some people may prefer vacations at fitness-oriented spas or resorts, while others may opt for vacations on fitness cruise ships. Fitness vacations can be focused on weight loss, a specific sport or activity, healing, or general wellness.

Many people choose to take their fitness vacations in the mountains. During the winter, people can downhill ski or snowboard. Most mountain hotels can direct travelers to experienced instructors if a person feels like she needs a little extra help. During the summer, a person can hike, backpack, mountain bike, or kayak. Again, guides are typically available, if necessary.

Traveling to the beach is another popular option. Usually, water sports abound, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. Land lovers may opt for volleyball or an ocean-side run. Even some hotels that do not specialize in fitness vacations may give guests the opportunity to participate in beachside yoga classes or surf lessons.

Some fitness vacations originate on a cruise ship, making stops along the way. While on the ship, guests can run, play tennis, swim, or take fitness classes. While off ship, guests can take advantage of the area highlights, from hiking up a mountain to trekking through a rain forest.


Some people may prefer to be immersed in their fitness vacations through resort or spa environments. Many fitness-related resorts or spas offer dozens of fitness classes, from kick boxing to yoga. They may give people the opportunity to take advantage of a nearby beach, ocean, desert, rain forest, or mountain.

Typically, these resorts or spas offer healthful meal options, usually including the freshest ingredients. They even have instructional classes so guests can learn a new sport or nutritional information. For example, they may teach guests how to cook meals without using sugar or how to swim more efficiently in preparation for a triathlon.

Many fitness vacations at resorts or spas have employees who specialize in nutrition or physiology. A fitness resort may specialize in one area, such as yoga or Pilates. It may also focus on issues such as weight loss, healing, wellness, or detoxification. Some resorts offer a combination of several of these topics, while others may have a narrower focus only on weight loss or detoxification.


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Post 6

Some of our family vacations are so crazy and hectic that I think I could get used to a fitness spa vacation for myself.

A combination of health and fitness, and then some relaxing time with some spa treatments sounds like a perfect vacation.

Many times when I am on vacation I eat way too much and really pay for it when I get home. With a spa fitness vacation, you would still get a chance to relax and be spoiled, but also feel better about yourself because you aren't just sitting around all the time.

You could also learn some techniques and food preparation ideas that you could put in to practice when you got home.

Even if it was just for a long weekend, I think you would leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Post 5

I have mixed feelings about fitness vacations. This almost sounds like an expensive price to pay for something that could easily be done on your own.

If you can take what you learn from a vacation like this, and keep doing the same thing when you get home, I can see how it could be effective.

I am just the opposite when I go on vacation. I am pretty disciplined and diligent about working out most weeks during the year. When I go on vacation, I like to relax and not worry about getting my workout in.

When I get back home, I am ready to hit the gym again and work off any extra pounds I put on during vacation.

Post 4

I guess I have taken a few fitness vacations and didn't realize that is what it was called. There have been many times we have gone to the mountains for our vacations.

In the winter we like to ski and end the trip at the spa. In the summer months we like to hike and backpack. Our trips to the beach are also full of all kinds of activities like scuba diving, swimming and surfing.

Since we like to be active, having these kinds of vacations is normal for our family. We don't specifically concentrate on losing weight, but somehow incorporate fitness in almost everything we do.

Of course, we also allow time for rest, relaxation and a little bit of pampering. For me, a vacation like this is the best of both worlds.

Post 3

Interesting. I've actually heard of fitness vacations because several friends of mine have taken weight loss vacations. Neither friend lost more than a few pounds while on vacation though.

But, one of my friends actually lost a lot of weight after she came home. She learned a lot about fitness and healthy eating while she was on vacation, and she kept up with it when she got home.

My other friend was disappointed with her vacation results and got so discouraged she didn't continue working out when she got home.

So, I think weight loss vacations can work, but you have to be dedicated to continuing once the vacation is over!

Post 2

@ceilingcat - I see what you're saying, but I actually think fitness vacations for women are a great idea. A lot of people don't have time or motivation to work out. Also, it can be really hard to change your routine, once you have it set.

I think a fitness vacation could be a great way to kind of jumpstart your fitness routine. You would spend a week or so immersed in fitness, then when you come home you could create a new routine, incorporating what you've learned while on vacation.

Yes, vacations are traditionally for relaxation. But I think there's room in this world for both kind of vacations.

Post 1

Well, it seems like any vacation could be turned into a fitness retreat, if you want it to that is. I personally prefer to relax while I'm on vacation. I think a long walk on the beach and swimming at the pool is the closest I ever come to taking a fitness vacation!

And I don't think there's anything wrong with that! The whole point of a vacation is to get away and relax. I suppose if you're into skiing or kayaking or something then that would be a fun trip. But I don't think something like that would be fun for someone who isn't already into the sport.

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