What are the Different Treasury Analyst Jobs?

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Treasury analyst jobs are common in large organizations or publicly held companies. The tasks for these positions are often part of the accounting department, although workers focus on one or a few related tasks within the company. Common specializations include banking, capital management, financial services or cash management and control for divisions within the company. Requirements for treasury analyst jobs usually include an accounting degree, relevant experience in the necessary field and professional certification, although certification is dependent on the organization and job.

In the banking career field, treasury analyst jobs and workers help manage their company’s bank accounts, wire transfers and other banking activities. For example, an accountant in the company will often review daily wire transfers, ensure the information is accurate and post the figures into the company’s general ledger. Large organizations or publicly held companies can have several wire transfers between internal bank accounts or external accounts with suppliers and vendors. The treasury analyst may also complete bank reconciliations, which list all the banking transactions from the company’s accounts. Reconciliations are a daily, weekly or monthly activity for the company.


Capital management tasks in treasury analyst jobs require workers to review the financing options for the company. Workers will review information relating to the company’s debt and equity financing options, and how the information gets posted to the accounting ledger. Treasury analysts working in senior positions may actually work on preparing the documents necessary to secure debt financing. This requires filling out documents and fulfilling requirements for banks applications to secure outside loans.

Financial services are typically a function of firms and organizations working in the banking industry. Services include managing an individual or business account where a worker completes investment transactions on behalf of their client. Most transactions involve the buying and selling of stocks, bonds and funds. Treasury analyst jobs focus on reviewing this information for accuracy and creating an internal account for each customer. The analyst will review transactions and ensure that all information is complete and accurate. Either the treasury analyst or an accountant will then post the information into the accounting ledger under the client’s account.

Working as a treasury analyst for a company’s internal division often includes responsibilities such as reviewing budgets, tracking costs and reporting information to upper management in the company. These positions are more common in organizations with multiple geographic locations. Each treasury analyst will often report to the senior treasury manager and take directions regarding tasks.


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