What Are the Different Travel Therapy Jobs?

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Travel therapy jobs entail providing therapeutic services for patients in various locations. A travel therapist may help rehabilitate people with drug dependencies or physical disabilities. Travel occupational therapists teach patients with limited mobility how to become more self reliant and independent. Not everyone employed in travel therapy jobs is a licensed therapist. Some travel therapy jobs involve administrative work as well.

In most cases, travel therapists travel to facilities within their own country. Their work may take them to metropolitan cities or remote villages. Some travel therapists travel only to rehabilitation centers within a local district. In many cases, the travel therapist will be under contract for a specific amount of time. Physical therapists generally do more traveling than most other types of therapy workers.

Travel therapy jobs often include private housing for therapists who relocate or travel frequently. Private housing may consist of a furnished apartment or hotel suite. In addition, many employers will provide paid utilities for travel therapists.

One of the most common types of travel therapy jobs would entail teaching physical therapy, typically by a licensed physiotherapist. This therapist may use techniques such as massage therapy to promote healing and improve circulation to an injured body part. Physical therapists also teach strengthening exercises to their patients. The physiotherapist may also demonstrate the use of various rehabilitation equipment, such as treadmills, exercise bicycles, and hand exercisers.


The physical therapist's job differs from that of an occupational therapist. While an occupational therapist's main objective is to teach self-reliant skills to his patients, the physical therapist aims to restore function to injured muscles, joints or bones. Travel therapists who perform physical rehabilitation often travel to areas that have been struck by disaster, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. Travel therapists may treat injured individuals who have been victims of such disasters.

Travel therapy jobs also include rehabilitation therapy by speech-language pathologists. These therapists are trained to help children and adults with speech impediments or facial deformities that have caused impaired speech. Some travel speech therapists travel to schools for disabled children who require assistance.

Another important travel therapy job title is that of rehabilitation manager or director. This job requires expert organizational skills to plan daily schedules and programs. The rehabilitation manager may conduct interviews and oversee the practice of newly hired therapists and staff members. This job typically involves traveling, as well as conducting duties from a main office or facility.


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