What Are the Different Tipped Uterus Symptoms?

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The most common tipped uterus symptom is discomfort during intercourse. Other symptoms include intense cramping during menstruation, an ache in the lower back during sexual intercourse, and pain or discomfort when using tampons. On rare occasions, tipped uterus symptoms will include frequent urinary tract infections and infertility. Sometimes all of these symptoms will be absent and no symptoms will be observed despite the uterus being abnormally positioned.

Discomfort during intercourse, also known as dyspareunia, is one of the most prevalent symptoms reported among women with tilted uteri. During intercourse, penetration places extreme force on the rectum and the ligaments that attach to the coccyx, or tail bone. This force is even greater when the uterus is tilted and is the cause of the associated dyspareunia.

A tipped uterus may also cause an ache in the lower back during sex, painful menstrual cramps, and pain when using tampons. Lower back pain during sex in a woman with a tipped uterus is primarily due to the pressure that is placed on the coccyx ligaments during penetration. Painful menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea, can result when the menstrual discharge has difficulty passing from the tilted uterus through the cervix. Correctly inserting a tampon can also be difficult when the uterus is tilted. Women with tilted uteri are often unable to fully insert a tampon, causing pain and discomfort.


Other, less common tipped uterus symptoms include the tendency to contract urinary tract infections and infertility. It is not known why a woman with a tipped uterus is more prone to urinary tract infections than a woman with a uterus in the normal position, but this is often the case. In addition, women with tilted uteri often do not realize they have a urinary tract infection. Sometimes, the urinary tract infection will be well established, even pass into the kidneys, before symptoms appear or the infection is diagnosed.

Conceiving can sometimes be difficult when the uterus is tipped. Penetration is often not as deep when the uterus is tilted. As a result, the sperm may not be deposited near the cervix, decreasing the chances of the sperm entering the uterus and fertilizing the egg.

Some women who have a tipped uterus do not experience any symptoms at all. These women may go their whole lives and never even know there is an anatomical abnormality in their reproductive organs. In others, the tipped uterus may be discovered during a gynecological exam or ultrasound. Some women will have a tipped uterus for a short time following a pregnancy. These women may temporarily experience the common tipped uterus symptoms until the uterine ligaments heal and the uterus reverts to the normal position.


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My husband and I could never have sex face to face without pain on my end from a tipped uterus. We found that laying on my stomach with a pillow under my abdomen (him coming from behind) was the best way without pain from whatever "hits" in there. I hope this helps other women that have been dealing with the same painful intercourse!

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If your back hurts during sex, it hurts to use a tampon and you are prone to urinary tract infections, you might have a tipped uterus. A doctor should be able to tell you during a routine pap smear.

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