What are the Different Territory Manager Jobs?

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Most companies — regardless of the industry — rely on sales and customer relations to promote business growth and sustainability. Territory manager jobs play an integral role in reaching the sales goals of strategic plans for business development and expansion. By effectively managing customer accounts in assigned geographical locations, territory managers are typically responsible for building long-term business relationships. Generally, territory manager jobs involve planning territory mapping and creating sales activities that may capitalize on sales opportunities. Depending on the organizational structure, some territory manager duties also include managing sales teams.

Often, territory manager jobs serve as the intermediary between the business goals of the company and the needs of the customer. To capitalize on this connection, those who work in territory manager jobs can expect to have skills in negotiation and persuasion to maximize this business relationship. By using savvy customer service techniques, the territory manager holds a unique position to advance business interests and influence.

Developing sales activities is probably one of the most important duties of territory managers for encouraging a continuum of flourishing customer accounts. Based on an assigned territory, the territory manager may dedicate sales activities towards a target group of customers to cultivate the business relationship. This may encourage account development activities that align with sales objectives and quotas based on business goals.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system that helps a business manage customer relationships efficiently. Typically, CRM drives all of the territory manager duties through knowledge of the customer needs that may drive the customer to buy certain products. CRM may help territory managers become more efficient in responding to customers. The goal is usually to manage details about customers that increase satisfaction and loyalty. For the business, the system could maximize profits because the territory manager can easily identify valuable customers through CRM techniques.

While it is essential for the territory manager to maintain current customers, a prospecting plan for securing new customers may also contribute to expanding the business. A prospecting plan that targets new customers may also be part of the territory manager’s job description. The plan usually focuses on analyzing industry and consumer trends, researching potential areas, cold calling, and scheduling appointments to maximize the chances for adding new customers to the portfolio.

In some companies, territory manager jobs also involve managing the sales team. This may require the territory manager to direct and plan the daily activities of each sales representative. Some of these activities may include assigning sales territories and coaching representatives in recognizing opportunities to close sales and maintain customer accounts. Managing the sales team may require a territory manager to have the leadership, motivational, and organizational skills that ensure the business is meeting the ongoing needs of customers.


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