What are the Different Telephone Operator Jobs?

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Telephone operators work for either local, regional, or national telecommunication companies. They provide directory assistance, answer billing questions, and process service requests. Individuals can also find telephone operator jobs with a variety of corporations in various industries handling a wide array of phone-based tasks.

Work as a telephone operator requires a specific skill set. Telephone operators must have the ability to multitask. They may be required to enter information into a computer system while speaking on the phone. Operators must gather information and relay the appropriate information to the caller. Good communication and active listening skills are among the other necessary skills for a telephone operator.

Most telephone operator jobs share some similarities. Telephone operators spend a large proportion of their work shift sitting at a computer desk. They wear a headset and are responsible for handling a large volume of calls in an efficient manner. Typically, operators are reviewed on a regular basis to make sure they are meeting quality standards and achieving position objectives, such as handling an appropriate number of calls per hour and following company guidelines.

One place to find telephone operator jobs is with local telecommunications companies. Local phone companies and telephone service corporations rely on telephone operators to handle customer account setup and ongoing support. This can include help with billing matters, service outages, and disconnection.


Various utility and transportation services utilize telephone operators for various business purposes. Utility companies, such as gas and electric companies, hire telephone operators to address customer concerns and setup service. Transportation companies, such as shipping and delivery services, hire telephone operators to provide important updates to area customers, track shipments, and provide the company's rate and delivery information. These telephone operator jobs may often be found within a customer service department.

Switchboard operators represent another segment of telephone operator jobs. Companies hire switchboard operators to answer incoming calls and direct callers to appropriate departments and personnel. Telephone operators handling a switchboard must be comfortable handling several calls at a time.

Those looking for telephone operator positions can also find jobs in various other types of companies. Companies and organizations that conduct telephone surveys hire telephone operators to contact people to collect data on a variety of topics, ranging from political views to product reviews. Catalog retailers and consumer products companies also hire telephone operators as customer service representatives to take orders and interact with customers over the phone.


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