What are the Different Technical Author Jobs?

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There are many different types of technical author jobs available to someone with experience as a technical writer, usually depending on different industries and the type of work needed by various companies. One of the most common jobs of this type is as a writer for a manual that will accompany a particular product, usually an electronic device or other technical equipment. There are also jobs needed for those who can write warnings about safety issues that a device or piece of equipment may have. Some technical author jobs can also be found for those with a background in computers or electronics who want to write reviews about such products.

Technical author jobs, often called technical writer jobs, are positions in which a person will need to have an understanding of technology and the ability to clearly convey ideas in written form. These jobs can often involve a variety of tasks, though in general they will include writing about technical issues in plain language. The general idea behind such technical author jobs is for someone to help express complex terms in a way that the general public, or those without training and experience in technical positions, will be able to understand.


One of the most common technical author jobs is a position in writing instruction manuals to accompany various devices and computer equipment. These jobs usually require a writer who can understand technical ideas and concepts, then express those ideas in a way that is more easily understood. Depending on the nature of such manuals, there may also be positions for writers to help explain various safety issues in the manual to ensure proper usage of electronic devices. Some technical author jobs will also involve generating content for the website of a company, usually to express complex technological ideas in language that is easily understood and appealing for potential visitors to the site.

Technical author jobs can also include positions testing various technical products and then writing reviews for those products. These jobs often require writers who understand different types of technology, as well as what other consumers are likely to desire from such technology. The reviewer will then apply this knowledge to various products and devices to see how well they fulfill necessary functions for various users, and may also include stress testing to ensure the products are made well. These technical author jobs then entail writing a review about the product that can be read by a wide range of readers, from professionals working in technological industries to consumers looking for gift ideas.


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