What Are the Different Tanning Salon Jobs?

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There are a variety of tanning salon jobs available for workers seeking careers in the service industry. While managers take care of running the salon, tanning salon attendants are typically the familiar face of the business. The attendants often have the greatest amount of customer interaction as they assist customers with appointments, payments and services. Other tanning salon jobs include clean-up personnel, who take care of the appearance and cleanliness of the facility.

Tanning salon jobs also include managers, who are responsible for the overall operation of the facilities. Managers oversee the day-to-day functions of the salons, which include tasks such as setting work hours, scheduling employees and ordering supplies. The manager is also responsible for administering discipline, when needed, and for motivating employees to work at their full potential and provide top-notch customer service. Hiring new employees and promoting existing employees also falls under the manager's umbrella, as does setting a good workplace example for employees to emulate as they perform tasks in their own tanning salon jobs.


The role of tanning salon attendants is to provide timely and knowledgeable customer service for salon patrons. An attendant is often the first staff person a customer encounters, and is tasked with greeting customers. The attendants typically guide the salon experience for guests by booking appointments, suggesting services and providing a tour of the facilities. Workers are also often called upon to share expertise on salon products, services and specials. Attendants can also help generate profits by encouraging guests to try new services, purchase take-home products or upgrade to more expensive packages.

Clean-up personnel are often an integral part of a salon's work crew and workers are a critical component of creating a positive, overall appearance and first impression at the salon. Personnel assume a number of ongoing duties, as tanning beds need to be cleaned between customer use, and other equipment, such as eye-protective goggles, is typically sterilized after each use. Members of the salon's clean-up staff are also responsible for other basic housekeeping duties, such as dusting, vacuuming and emptying trash containers. In some locations, tanning facilities are required to be licensed, and cleanliness standards are a part of the licensing procedure. In these locations, clean-up personnel must also be knowledgeable in licensing requirements regarding cleaning the facility.

Depending upon the size of the salon, tanning salon jobs may include staff to oversee advertising, customer retention and promotion of the business. Some salons may also employ workers to manage an online component of the salon, where customers can use the company's website to order products and book appointments. Many salons also need workers to maintain a presence in social media, providing a way for customers to receive coupons and notifications about upcoming sales and special offers.


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