What are the Different Supermarket Jobs?

D. Jeffress

A typical supermarket requires the skills of many employees to ensure that the store runs efficiently at all times. Good workers keep customers happy and provide them with a wide variety of fresh groceries and other goods. There are many different types of supermarket jobs available to individuals with varying levels of education and experience, including grocery stock persons and merchandisers, cashiers, custodians, and management personnel.

Managers generally oversee specific areas of a supermarket.
Managers generally oversee specific areas of a supermarket.

Many jobs in a supermarket are held by merchandisers and stock persons. Employees typically split their time between storerooms and the supermarket floor, receiving shipments, pricing items, stocking shelves, and checking inventory. In large supermarkets, stock persons usually work in certain departments, such as produce, vitamins, or household goods. The specific responsibilities for employees in different departments vary, though most perform similar customer service duties, such as giving recommendations and helping people find certain items.

Custodians usually clean supermarkets during off-peak hours.
Custodians usually clean supermarkets during off-peak hours.

These employees may be required to set up displays for featured products. They make sure that display items are presented neatly and creatively to attract the attention of potential customers. A stock person frequently checks the condition of items on the supermarket floor, making sure that they have not expired and are accurately priced. Most jobs in stocking and merchandising can be attained with a high school diploma and some experience in customer service.

Supermarket cashier.
Supermarket cashier.

Cashiers may perform a range of duties to ensure customer satisfaction. They scan and bag grocery items, accept payment from customers, operate cash registers, and answer questions about prices and purchases. Cashiers must be familiar with all of the different types of groceries and merchandise offered at the supermarket and stay up to date on special deals. Most cashiers have high school educations and experience in retail and customer service.

Stock persons are responsible for stocking a store's shelves with cans and other food items.
Stock persons are responsible for stocking a store's shelves with cans and other food items.

Custodians typically work after a supermarket is closed or during off-peak hours to clean the store. A custodian may be responsible for mopping and buffing the floors, straightening up displays and shelved items, washing windows and doors, and maintaining equipment. These employees can come from many backgrounds, though most employers seek people with high school degrees and proven cleaning skills.

Managers usually head different departments within a supermarket, making sure that employees are performing their jobs efficiently. Supervisors and managers are frequently placed in charge of assessing inventory and ordering new products. They may also assume supermarket jobs in human resources, such as hiring, training, and payroll. Most jobs in management require applicants to have extensive customer service experience and an educational background in business or accounting.

There are many different positions at most supermarkets, including entry-level jobs stocking and arranging displays.
There are many different positions at most supermarkets, including entry-level jobs stocking and arranging displays.

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Does anyone know how many cashiers work in a supermarket? How much does it vary by store size or sales?


@SauteePan - I have to say that one of the least favorite grocery store jobs has to be the frozen foods stock person. Having to stock the frozen food aisle is not only uncomfortable because you have to be exposed to the coldness of the clear refrigerators but you also have to go into the freezer in order to get your stock.

It is one of the more difficult departments to stock in the grocery store, but one that everyone interested in going into management has to do in order to get promoted.


@Mutsy - I used to work in a grocery store and I can tell you that the managers of the store used to work a lot of hours. All of the managers at my store worked from open to close which was 7am to 11pm twice a week. They worked at least 55 hours a week and when we had inventory it was even more.

There were usually not too many supermarket manager jobs available because my store promoted from within. The only supermarket vacancies that I have ever seen were for front end baggers and cashiers. Those are the most common supermarket vacancies.


@Comfyshoes - That sounds like fun, but a lot of responsibility. I have to say that I think that I would love to offer demonstrations in the store.

I love talking to people and this job seems so much fun because you get to offer samples along with some coupons to the customers that pass by.

I bet it is fun to see how many packages you could sell too. I think that you really have to like to being around people in order to work in a grocery store because you are constantly surrounded by customers everywhere you go.


When I worked in a supermarket through college there were two types of cashier positions. I started as a line cashier meaning that I worked at a cash register and rung up the customer’s groceries.

After an about six months in that position, I was promoted to the customer service desk. This was one of the more entertaining grocery store jobs because you used the intercom when you had to page people in the store, you cashed checks, answered the phone and helped any of the customers that came to the counter for whatever reason.

After a while of working the front office, I was promoted to the back office which is where the cashier typically balances out all of the tills in the store. This position involved picking up money from each of the cashiers and counting it and inputting everything into the system. This cashier typically worked the 1 to 11 shift and closed with the closing store manager. I really enjoyed working both in the front and back office. It was fun.

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