what are the Different Styles of Home Interior Decor?

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Choosing a style of home interior decor is easier today than ever before. Thanks to the plethora of designers and manufacturers, people now have the option of choosing cutting edge contemporary styles or reveling in a decorative style from the distant past. There are dozens of styles of home interior decor, with some of the most popular including Tuscan, Asian, tropical-inspired, and modern.

Evoking the warmth and colors of the Mediterranean, Tuscan home interior decor is a popular choice for anyone influenced by European style. Earthy tones dominate the Tuscan palate, including russet, gold, taupe, and sage. Delicately carved ironwork can be added to doors, windows, or fireplace grates to enhance the craftsman-inspired tone, while a luxuriously appointed kitchen with gleaming copper pans creates the heart of any Tuscan-influenced home.

For those looking to bring the concepts of tranquility and harmony into the house, Asian-inspired home interior decor can be the perfect match. Though different Asian design traditions have very different elements, popular design often capitalizes on the principles of simplicity and clean lines seen in Japanese design. A cool color palette of cream, blue, and gray is complemented by blond or unstained wood, and boldly contrasted by the occasional splash of gold or red. A feeling of clutter-free lightness is inherent to this type of home interior decor; window treatments are often only partially opaque, to allow light while providing privacy.


Modern home interior decor takes some of its cues from Asian design. The key to decoration in modern design styles is to find pieces that are both functional and artistic; geometric shapes, stark color contrasts, and unusual materials help make homes decorated in a modern style into livable pieces of art. In addition to use of materials such as stone and lacquered wood, modern home interior decor makes use of manufactured materials such as polished steel, plastic, and even plexiglass.

For some, the ideal life is an eternal vacation to the islands. A practical application of that desire is to use tropical or beach inspired home interior decor to recall the relaxed atmosphere of a perfect escape. Dark wood, breezy curtains, and vividly patterned soft furnishings help recreate the magic of Hawaiian design. Pale colors, wicker, and sea grass or jute rugs evoke the simple relaxation of a day at the beach. To establish a Caribbean ambiance, combine natural materials from the islands with the sturdy four-posters and steamer trunks of the British Colonial aesthetic.


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