What are the Different Storekeeper Jobs?

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There are various types of storekeeper jobs, each related to the specific merchandise of the store. Some examples of these jobs are fabrication and refurbish shop storekeeper and auto body repair storekeeper. Retail clothing storekeeper and medical supply storekeeper are other types of jobs for a storekeeper. There are also jobs in the receiving departments of stock rooms and warehouses, and even in the military.

Storekeeper duties and responsibilities may vary with the particular job. A medical supplies storekeeper, for example, may be in charge of stocking, receiving, ordering, and inspecting medical supplies. Many medical supplies storekeeper jobs involve checking expiration dates on products as well. People in these types of jobs may also be responsible for shipping supplies.

Assistant storekeepers have various duties of their own, while working under close guidance of an immediate supervisor storekeeper. Assistant storekeeper jobs generally involve an instruction period that may consist of on-the-job training. Under the supervision of the lead or senior shopkeeper, the assistant storekeeper may fill orders and answer telephone inquiries. Stocking merchandise may be another of the duties.

A retail storekeeper's job may involve stocking merchandise and reporting damaged goods to the supervising manager. Taking inventory may be another required duty. Workers in retail storekeeper jobs may deal with goods ranging from furniture to clothing to household supplies. Many other types of merchandise may be handled by this storekeeper as well.


Warehouse storekeepers maintain stock and inventory and complete other tasks within a warehouse setting. The warehouse storekeeper may receive and deliver items, as well as stock and take inventory. Some warehouse storekeepers also work as dispatchers for their company.

Military storekeepers may include United States Navy storekeeper and submarine storekeeper careers. The major responsibilities of the submarine storekeeper's job includes identifying defective submarine parts and overseeing repair work. In order to apply for a position of this kind, special training is necessary.

Another type of storekeeper job involves working in the hotel industry. The hotel storekeeper may deliver and receive goods, while keeping an ongoing account and record of inventory that needs to be replenished. Quality assurance may be another major responsibility in this job, which entails maintaining high standards of practice and merchandise.

In addition to the aforementioned storekeeper jobs, other miscellaneous jobs as storekeeper include material management storekeeper and storekeeper specialist. Plant operations storekeeper is another career involving various operational plants, such as nuclear power. University or college storekeeper is a job that pertains to inventory and supplies needed for education.


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Post 2

@umbra21 - You're right. Even within supermarkets and retail stores they usually have a person who is an expert on individual items.

I worked for a bookstore for a while and I was the expert on photo albums and diaries.

It was really necessary to have someone be an expert on each category like that, because we had so much stock and so many choices. It wasn't a case of just being able to say "choose between the corn flour and the wheat flour".

Especially when it came to the actual books. People really liked having someone around who could help them with a real decision.

Post 1

A storekeeper always makes me think of those old fashioned grocery stores where the keeper would have to find what you wanted for you.

I think that would be quite nice, but almost impossible now. There are just too many people usually living in one area for a system like that to work.

Which is why storekeepers are almost always completely specialized. You might have a storekeeper who is an expert on, say, car tires, because that specializing adds value for the customer, but you won't get one who knows a little about everything like those people from the old grocery stores.

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