What are the Different Stock Clerk Jobs?

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Many companies need stock clerks to receive, check and unpack supply orders. Usually only a high school or general equivalency diploma (GED) is needed to become a stock clerk. Although most jobs for stock clerks are fairly low paying, entry-level opportunities, advancement to higher positions such as a supervisor or even a buyer may be possible. Different types of stock clerk jobs are often available in wholesale warehouses, retail specialty stores, grocery stores and hospitals.

Purchasing departments of hospitals may have stock clerk jobs that involve stocking medical supplies in supply rooms as well as food items in the hospital's cafeteria or snack bar. Hospital stock clerks who receive supply orders must carefully check the items to be sure they are exactly as ordered. Invoices must be signed and filed in the appropriate places.

Grocery stores are often a good place to find a stock clerk job since supermarket shelves may need to be filled frequently. The fruits and vegetables in the produce department need to be constantly replenished with fresher items after the previous stock has been purchased by customers. Checking expiration dates on food products and replacing soon-to-expire items with fresh groceries is a main part of grocery store stock clerk jobs.


Retail specialty stores such as those that sell clothing or home electronics may have a stock clerk job description that includes sales and cashiering tasks. Working efficiently and quickly is needed to handle several responsibilities at once. The main priority, other than increasing sales and providing good customer service, is to prevent loss, so store merchandise must be closely monitored and accounted for at all times. Some retail shops, as well as most wholesale warehouses, may have stock clerk jobs that require clerks to remain in the back full time receiving shipments and assisting the shipper with sending out orders. These types of stock clerks may also fill customer orders as well.

Warehouse stock clerk jobs may require clerks to use computers to track shipments. Larger warehouses may combine a stock clerk job with that of a fork lift driver or other type of machinery operator. In order to be a stock clerk in some warehouse jobs, knowledge and experience in inventory control is required. However, some companies are willing to train people in stock clerk jobs in the basics of inventory management.


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