What Are the Different Sources of Narcissism Help?

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Narcissism is a characteristic of vanity or extreme egoism, and it can cause significant problems, especially relating to interpersonal or work relationships. Finding narcissism help is not difficult, though it may be more difficult to find the best type of help for a particular person. An Internet search will turn up several outlets for narcissism help, though the most difficult step may be convincing a person to seek out such help in the first place. One way to get help is to participate in self-help techniques, which can be learned from various books or websites devoted to the topic.

A narcissist is unlikely to seek narcissism help, however, if he or she does not acknowledge that a problem exists. This can prevent self-help from being a viable option, so it will be necessary to seek out other options. Local support groups may be available for narcissism help; calling a doctor's office or health center, especially one that deals with mental illness or psychological issues, may turn up several options for support groups or other narcissism help options. Mental health professionals may even be able to provide such help in lieu of a support group.


Marriage counseling is one source of narcissism help as it pertains to relationships. A marriage counselor will usually deal with narcissism as it pertains specifically to a marriage, though he or she may also be able to recommend more appropriate options for people who are not married. If narcissism is causing a problem within a marriage, consulting a marriage counselor is a great way to tackle the issue. This is not to say it will be easy to do so, nor will it always be an affordable option, but if that characteristic is present in one or both partners in a marriage, the cost will be worth the investment to save the marriage and perhaps come to agreeable terms for dealing with the narcissistic attitudes.

Sometimes no treatment at all is the best treatment. A certain degree of narcissism can be useful, but when that condition causes pain or fear in a relationship, or the narcissist himself is at risk in any way, the condition must be dealt with. Sometimes addressing the problem with a conversation is sufficient, but arguments should be avoided at all costs. If a simple conversation cannot effectively address the problem, a third party may be necessary to direct the conversation; a professional in the mental health field is best, but sometimes this facilitation can be done by an objective third party.


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