What are the Different Social Director Jobs?

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Social director jobs encompass all work that includes coordinating, planning, and executing an organization's social agenda. The job can be ongoing or only needed during key holiday seasons. Social directors are most often found in the political realm, nursing home and adult care industries, and the event planning industries. No special education is required, although experience planning and coordinating events are advantageous for professionals looking for social director jobs.

Dignitaries and government officials often hold important functions where they network with other high-powered officials and extend goodwill towards political allies. These functions can range from a small, intimate party to a large dinner or a charity gala. Those in professional social director jobs will be hired to plan all aspects of the political function, from catering to guest list management. Social directors who work in the political realm must be very careful about who is allowed into the party. Keeping uninvited guests away from the function is at the top of the day-of duties for these professionals.


Managing an event as important as a political state function can only be trusted in the hands of an experience social director, one who has spent his or her career organizing these sort of highly publicized and anticipated events. At the forefront of planning a state function is coordination of all of the details, such that the government official or spouse of the government official who is hosting the party is looked upon favorably by guests. Achieving this objective is done by making sure to offer delectable food, lively music, an open and well-lit setting, and possibly a short address from the host or hostess.

Nursing homes also offer social director jobs for those who would like to use their skills to benefit the elderly. A social director at an adult care facility may also be known as an activity director. This professional is responsible for planning activities and social events that will keep the residents of the nursing home happy, healthy, and engaged. Such events could include museum tours, specialized fitness programs, dinners, and evening socials. It is important that the social director of a nursing home select activities that are not too strenuous for the residents, and yet will still hold their interest.

Getting a social director job does not require a specific degree, but it is useful to gain experience in the field. Most social directors who are just beginning their careers gain experience through hosting events for family members or friends. Planning small events like these is sufficient preparation for work as a professional social director.


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