What Are the Different Site Manager Jobs?

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Site manager jobs can be found in a number of different industries, ranging from construction to healthcare. While the exact responsibilities of site managers vary from one industry to the next, managers are typically responsible for the day-to-day operations of a particular plant or location. Site managers are hired to work at locations that have a high concentration of employees, such as schools, building sites, hospitals, and factories.

Short-term site manager jobs are commonly available in the construction industry. Builders hire a site manager to oversee the construction of a new housing development or commercial site. The site manager has to ensure that safety procedures are followed and that work is completed on schedule. Typically, the site manager liaises with local authorities and government inspectors during the construction process and makes arrangements for specialized contractors to visit the site and complete phases of the project that require special training. The site manager normally reports directly to the construction company manager or owner and is the senior company employee at the construction site.

Industrial companies often hire site managers to manage operations at factories and plants. The manager’s primary responsibilities include conducting regular safety checks and working with departmental managers to make sure safety regulations are complied with. Site managers typically have budgetary control and must approve expenses related to safety, cleaning, general supplies, and utilities. Managers usually have the authority to implement policy changes designed to reduce expenditure or improve efficiency.


Site manager jobs in the education sector involve similar responsibilities to other site manager positions, but school managers normally report to the school principal rather than an off-site supervisor. School principals are ultimately responsible for all aspects of running the school, including academic and operational matters, and site managers provide assistance with the operational side of things. The manager has to arrange staff schedules, handle maintenance and safety issues, and ensure that school expenses stay within the budget.

Hospitals and other large medical facilities usually employ several people to work in site manager jobs. Since hospitals are open all hours of the day and night, site managers normally work in shifts so that one site manager is on-site at all times. The manager is in charge of staffing, security, and maintenance. When victims of violent crimes are brought to the hospital, the site manager normally handles police and press inquiries related to the crime. Site managers also have some control over general expenses and must report directly to the hospital administrator who manages the hospital.


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