What are the Different Secret Shopper Jobs?

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Secret shopper jobs, also known as mystery shopper jobs, are a great way to make some extra income. Secret shoppers are hired by companies to pose as customers to evaluate various aspects of the business. Secret shoppers are usually freelancers, hired by secret shopping firms, hired in turn by business managers who want an impartial evaluation of their service. These jobs are typically classified by industry, with the most common jobs being found in retail, restaurant, and hospitality fields.

Legitimate secret shopper jobs are notoriously hard to come by, and searching online will reveal many advertisements for secret shopper jobs that are often nothing more than pyramid schemes. No legitimate secret shopper job will require a fee in order to receive assignments, and if one does, it is best to just keep looking. Many companies will try out secret shoppers on a trial basis, to see the quality of work and attention to deadlines that the freelancer provides.

There are a few different types of secret shopper jobs. Retail establishment secret shoppers are especially common. On this type of secret shopper job, the shopper will be asked to visit some sort of retail environment, usually instructed to purchase an item. They may also be given instructions to ask a salesperson for help, try on an item of clothing in the dressing room, or evaluate the merchandise on display.


Another common type of secret shopper is a restaurant shopper. In this type of assignment, the shopper may be asked to visit a restaurant, order a meal or a drink, and interact with the waitstaff. The purpose of this type of secret shopper job is to evaluate the customer service and occasionally the quality of the food.

There are a few other, less common types of secret shopper jobs. A secret shopper might be asked to stay at a hotel or motel and evaluate their experience. They might also be asked to call a customer service department to determine the quality of service. In general, with most of these types of jobs, the secret shopper will be asked to interact with as many people as possible, and try various services available to get the most complete picture.

Secret shopper jobs generally do not provide full-time income. A secret shopper will typically be reimbursed for the item or meal purchased, along with a small fee. Occasionally, the shopper will not be paid a fee for the assignment, and will only be reimbursed for the expenses incurred on the assignment. For some people, this is enough of an incentive to become a secret shopper, as they will usually be allowed to keep the purchased items. The best way to become a successful shopper, and to continue receiving secret shopper jobs, is just to keep working, making contacts, and turning in quality reports.


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