What Are the Different Resources for Drunk Driving Victims?

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Drunk driving, or driving under the influence, affects the lives of countless people every year. For drunk driving victims, the affects can be tragic and long-lasting. Although nothing and no one can turn back the clock and prevent a drunk driving accident from happening, there are a number of resources available to drunk driving victims to help cope with the effects of the accident. From a legal perspective, the prosecutor's office can help ensure that the drunk driver is held accountable for his or her actions as well as provide victim support services. In addition, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Alcoholics-Anonymous (Al-Anon/AA), as well as numerous other local, state, and national organizations may be able to help.

The local prosecutor's office should be the first stop for drunk driving victims. Many victims feel angry and/or helpless when his or her life has been affected by a drunk driver. By cooperating with the prosecution of the offender, victims can feel empowered. In addition to prosecuting the offender, many prosecutors offices also have a victim's services section that may help victims receive restitution for property damages as a result of the accident. The victim's services section may also be an excellent source of additional community-based resources for drunk driving victims.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is another well known, international resource for drunk driving victims. MADD is an organization dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of drunk driving as well as helping the victims of drunk drivers. The MADD organization has an entire section devoted to victim services, which may be able to direct a victim to local and/or national resources. In addition, MADD offers live, online chats for victims on a regular basis, which may allow a victim to gain support from other victims and provide another source for additional resources.

Counseling is another option for victims of drunk driving accidents. Many victims need to express their anger or grief in a safe and constructive manner. A victim of a drunk driving accident should seek counseling, either on an individual basis or through a local support group as soon as possible after the accident. If the local prosecutor's office or the local MADD chapter are not able to provide a victim with a list of counseling agencies, then an internet search or a call to the local chapter of Alcohol Anonymous may provide the required information.


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Post 7

I think drunk driving victims need to also lobby in Congress for stricter drunk driving laws. There are some states in the US where drunk driving is just a traffic violation if there is no injury or death involved (like New Jersey). Do we need to wait for people to be killed to punish people for driving under the influence? I don't think so and I think these laws do not deter people from drinking and driving. If the laws were stricter, I'm sure we'd see a reduction in drunk driving cases.

Post 6

@serenesurface-- You know, I think the best way to cope with a loss such as this one is to do something to make a difference.

There are drunk driving victims support groups out there. Family members can also join. But I think what's even better is to get out there and share your story to make a difference.

I'm in high school and recently, we had people come in and talk to us about drugs and drunk driving. Some were victims, others were users and they shared their story and told us why we need to avoid these things. It was one of the most impactful experiences. Hearing people's personal stories really moved me. I think that it's

possible to make a real difference this way.

What if your aunt could do something like this? Share her story, tell others about how a drunk driver cost her a son? I think it will relieve her pain and she will also feel happy to know that she is making a difference. She will be preventing other mothers from experiencing the same pain.

Post 5

My cousin died because of a drunk driver. The driver was held accountable and is serving time. But my aunt is having a very difficult time coping. She still hasn't accepted what happened and she's not satisfied with the punishment given to the driver.

We are all there for her and try to help her as much as possible. But I don't think that just talking about it helps. I don't want to suggest a therapist to her, I think that might upset her more. What should I do? How can I help my aunt? I don't want to see her so sad anymore.

Post 4

Ganja doesn't kill anyone. Drinkers should convert.

Post 3

@ Sunseal

I get what your saying, but seriously if you're the person who has a family member or friend killed so senselessly, it's difficult to have sympathy for a drunk driver. What really gets under my skin are these people who have like 5 DUI convictions and a license? Somebody explain that one?

Post 2

On the other side of that, sometimes it's just a stupid kid who makes a bad choice and gets behind the wheel. There was a guy I went to college with who never did anything to hurt another person in his life. He made a bad choice-an intoxicated stupid choice, and ended up paralyzed for life.

Post 1

My best friend in high-school was killed by a drunk driver. It happened so fast, I felt so numb for a little while and then just angry. When you look up drunk driving accidents in the U.S. each year it's insane. What don't people get about not driving drunk? Drunk driving victims are real people.

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