What are the Different Quality Assurance Analyst Jobs?

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Quality assurance jobs are designed to verify products are made correctly before they are sold to the public. There are many types of quality assurance analyst jobs available today. These are typically found in manufacturing, information technology, and customer service fields. The quality assurance analyst reviews the products and services based on specific expectations. He will typically document any defects and report them to his superiors for review.

The key to quality assurance is proper validation and documentation. Any good quality assurance process starts with a detailed plan. This plan documents the expectations of the product or service being delivered. The plan is reviewed by the company and executed by the analyst.

Most manufacturing companies use quality assurance analysts. Quality assurance analyst jobs in manufacturing plants verify and validate products before they are packaged for shipment. An analyst will typically perform tests that ensure the quality of the manufactured product. These tests are unique for each product being reviewed

Motorcycle manufacturers have quality assurance analyst jobs for people who work along the assembly line. The analyst is required to road test each motorcycle on a simulator machine that checks all performance and diagnostics. This testing will typically include the motor, breaks, drive train, and instrument panel. Each motorcycle undergoes a quality assurance test before it is shipped.


Software development is another field that has quality assurance analyst jobs. An individual in this job is required to validate the functionality of a software application. This includes the review of computer screens, work flow, and basic usability characteristics. The quality assurance engineer typically reviews products to make sure they meet the company's standards.

Many retail companies have quality assurance analyst jobs. These individuals inspect products and services. Some retail companies have secret shoppers who disguise themselves as customers. They use this technique to validate the quality of customer service.

Most service desk call centers include quality assurance analyst jobs. These are the workers who review the phone calls to service desk personnel. The analyst validates the phone staff is friendly and personable during interactions with the customers.

Quality assurance jobs typically require a strong knowledge of the business processes of an organization. The analyst should fully understand the expectations of the product or service to be delivered. Most individuals who work in the position enjoy structure and are detail-oriented.


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