What are the Different Project Coordinator Jobs?

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Project coordinator jobs can be found in almost any industry. People in this field can find project coordinator jobs as information technology (IT) project coordinators, architectural project coordinators and transportation project coordinators, to name a few. A project coordinator is essentially the lead administration assistant in companies' project departments.

IT project coordinators typically handle short-term IT projects that have a limited number of people involved. Their responsibility is to ensure that the client receives the project as requested and within the specified time frame. Such coordinators do this by working closely with all members of the project team, outside specialists and the client to ensure that everyone is on the same page. They also make sure the project stays on budget, customer relations are maintained and project personnel are provided everything needed to meet their goals.

Architectural project coordinators often work as liaisons between the architects, engineers, interior designers, clients and construction crews working on an architectural project. They typically maintain scheduling, update budgets and arrange for travel and accommodations for other project members. They set up meetings between parties involved in the project, brief each group on the progress of the project and oftentimes coordinate the ordering and arrival of materials and equipment needed to complete the project. The basic goal of an architectural project coordinator, like all project coordinators, is to ensure that the project is completed on time, on budget and to the client’s specifications and quality standards.


Transportation project coordinators are much like architectural project coordinators, though they typically work for either the government or a transportation company, such as a rail line. These types of project coordinator jobs entail working closely with government officials or company executives, as well as with construction crews and engineers to ensure road, rail and bridge projects are completed. This can include making travel arrangements for crews or higher-ups, setting up meetings between clients and personnel, and setting up inspections for cities or states. These types of project coordinator jobs often entail working closely with government officials, so the coordinators often have to complete extra paperwork and keep detailed records of the project for city or state recordkeeping and budgeting.

Project coordinators also are used in many other fields. They can work for hotels or restaurants and aid in planning events or renovations. They can work directly for a city or state office and coordinate local events and projects — even projects as simple as setting up municipal Christmas decorations. These types of project coordinator jobs range from entry level to highly skilled positions, leaving plenty of room for one to work his or her way to the top.


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