What are the Different Program Director Jobs?

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A program director is someone who manages a large segment of a business operation. Program director jobs are available in construction, information technology, entertainment, and communications. These directors are responsible to coordinate and manage the work necessary for the delivery of a company's products.

Program directors are typically paid more then standard office managers because they have additional responsibilities. These positions require experience with human resources and budgets. A program director generally has an extensive background in a specific field, which requires many years of experience.

The entertainment industry includes many program director jobs. These people typically work on television or movies sets. A director manages the program content and character interactions on the movie set. Most entertainment directors have a large staff of writers and technical advisers. These people assist the director with stage preparation and character makeup.

A construction site supervisor is another example of a program director. He works in the construction field and is responsible for building massive complexes and development sites. People in these program director jobs are responsible for the people, material, and construction costs for large civil engineering projects. This typically includes the logistics and material management of vast construction operations.


A radio program director is a person who manages a radio station. People in these program director jobs are responsible for radio content. Most radio program directors have a background in communications with education in the field of commercial communication.

Information technology also includes program director jobs. This job requires extensive knowledge and background in project management and computer systems development. Most IT program directors have a large staff and are responsible for budget management and customer relations.

The music and arts industry includes many program director jobs. These people are responsible for managing the format and content of theater arts and musical concerts. A director of arts typically has a background in music and entertainment, which includes acting and singing experience.

There are many program director jobs in the area of child development and education. A youth program director is responsible for teaching children. People in these jobs typically teach children music and other liberal arts subjects.

Many churches and religious establishments also have program directors. These people are responsible for coordinating weekly church activities. A director needs an outgoing personality because he is required to interact with diverse groups of people.


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