What Are the Different Products with Keratin?

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Keratin is a structural protein that can be found in a wide range of beauty products. These include basic haircare items such as shampoo and conditioner. They also include smoothing treatments designed to offer long-term benefits to individuals with curly hair. Products with keratin are also available in skincare treatments such as those for anti-aging and wound healing. Other products that contain the protein include those for hands and nails.

There are a lot of products with keratin for the hair. This includes a full range of shampoos, such as those for damaged, colored, and permed hair. There are even organic cleansers in this category. The availability of such a variety means that an individual does not have to choose between the desire for keratin as an ingredient and other needs. Consumers can generally find complementing conditioner that also contains keratin.

Shampoos and conditioners are basic categories of haircare products. Many people, especially those who consider themselves to have special needs, such as dry or frizzy hair, may use several other products on a regular basis. It is possible to get a full system of hair products with keratin, which may include items such as leave-in conditioner and progressive treatment.


Another group of products with keratin that are becoming increasingly popular are smoothing treatments, which should not be confused with a keratin serum designed to offer temporary anti-frizz benefits. Smoothing treatments are designed to offer long-term benefits for individuals with curly hair. Some people use them, for example, to replace relaxers. There are, however, some concerns about the levels of formaldehyde in these products.

This ingredient is not limited to haircare. There is also a wide range of skincare products with keratin that are designed to address various issues, such as those for wound healing. It is believed that keratin can help to create an ideal environment for skin cells to regenerate. These products may be used for incidental wounds that may have difficulty healing or for intentional wounds, such as those experienced following a procedure such as a chemical peel.

There are anti-aging products with keratin. It is believed that in addition to stimulating new cell growth that this protein has the ability to hold the skin firm. This essentially translates into an ability to combat wrinkles by preventing the skin from drooping. The ingredient is also marketed for anti-aging based on claims that it helps to protect the skin from sun damage, which is often associated with premature aging.

Another group of products with keratin are those for hands and nails. These are designed to offer a range of benefits. For skin, such products are generally supposed to improve hydration and texture. The benefits for nails include conditioning and strengthening. With products for the skin and nails, consumers should note that there are claims that some products use keratin that has been subjected to hydrolyzation. This means it has been extracted in a manner that essentially renders it useless.


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