What are the Different Preventive Medicine Jobs?

Patti Kate

There are many types of preventive medicine jobs, each involving specific duties and salaries. Some of the most common ones are nurse manager, occupational therapist, and physician assistant. Other positions include supervisory physician, veterinarian senior manager, and animal health technician in preventive medicine.

Veterinarians help prevent diseases in animals.
Veterinarians help prevent diseases in animals.

A physician or geriatric medicine assistant may care for elderly patients. These careers are preventative medicine jobs because prevention is part of the routine care of senior citizens. Some of these jobs may involve care of patients in a nursing home or other long-term care facility. Many of these physicians are board certified geriatricians. This job may involve monitoring patient's vital statistics and providing education to help patients manage their health.

Preventive medicine is commonly used with elderly patients.
Preventive medicine is commonly used with elderly patients.

Similar to geriatrics, there are several other preventive medicine jobs in which one specializes in a particular field. Internal medicine may offer jobs that focus on the health and well-being of adult patients of all ages. An internist, therefore, may be responsible for preventive medicine care.

Some preventive medicine jobs involve the care of animals, both domestic and wild. Most all veterinary work involves preventive medicine. This is especially true for veterinarians who treat household pets, such as dogs, cats, and exotic pets. There are specialists in animal health care who have received special training in the treatment of exotic pets. For example, an avian veterinarian cares for the health of parrots and other birds.

A medical receptionist job is another of many preventive medicine jobs. The duties of this job typically involve answering the phone and scheduling appointments for patients, among other work. Another of the duties will typically involve keeping medical records. Computer skills are often required for this line of work.

Medical or dental clinical assistants work in preventive medicine as well. This work generally involves the technical aspect of the medical profession. Cross training is often required, ranging from office work to laboratory book keeping.

There are preventive medicine jobs and careers in the military. For instance, the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine physicians specialize in this type of medicine. These careers involve ensuring the health of individuals in the armed forces.

Preventive medicine jobs may also involve the field of psychiatric medicine. A psychiatrist specializes in preventive medicine in many essential ways. This may involve psychiatric counseling and guidance as needed. Clinical psychology is another career in this category as well. A behavioral health social worker's career may also involve preventive medicine to some extent.

Before leaving the hospital, elderly patients often receive advice on fall prevention from geriatric nurses.
Before leaving the hospital, elderly patients often receive advice on fall prevention from geriatric nurses.

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