What Are the Different Pillow Case Sizes?

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There are a number of different pillow case sizes. The size of a pillow case depends on where it will be used. A king-sized bed calls for a king-sized pillow case, while a twin bed will need a standard-size pillow case. Other sizes include travel pillow cases, square pillow cases, and decorative throw pillow cases.

Pillow case sizes for a twin or double bed include standard pillow cases as well as Oxford pillow cases. A standard pillow case is usually 20 by 26 inches (50 by 66 cm). The pillow case typically has an opening on one short end, where the pillow is slid into the case. Oxford pillow cases are the same size as standard pillow cases but also have a flap on the top opening to conceal the pillow. There is typically a frill or edge around the four sides of the Oxford pillow case as well.

Queen and king pillow case sizes are larger than the standard size, as they are meant to be used with larger pillows on a wider bed. Using a queen-sized pillow case on a queen bed means a person can use only two pillows and still cover the width of the bed. A queen-sized pillow case is usually 20 inches wide by 30 inches long (50 by 76 cm). Two queen-sized pillow cases will also fit across a double bed.


King-sized pillow cases are typically 20 inches wide by 36 inches long (50 by 91 cm). The pillow cases fit both standard king-sized beds and California king beds, which are slightly narrower and longer than a standard king-sized bed. Usually, two king-sized pillows are used across the top of a king-sized bed.

Other pillow case sizes include square pillows, which are usually 26 inches by 26 inches (66 by 66 cm). Square pillows can be placed on the bed behind the regular pillows and serve a decorative purpose. The pillows are more common in Europe than in America. Other square pillow cases may be used on throw pillows on a couch or armchair. The sizes of those pillow cases can vary greatly.

A travel pillow case is sized for smaller pillows and meant to be taken on the road. The pillow case is usually 12 inches by 16 inches (30 by 40 cm). A travel-sized pillow can also be used as a small boudoir pillow on a bed. The boudoir pillow serves a decorative purpose and may have embellishments and ruffles on the case.


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Post 3

Yes Heavanet, I think using queen pillow cases will solve your problem. Pillow cases are often made of cotton, and they shrink over time. When you start with larger pillow cases in the first place, they will fit wash after wash.

Post 2

Good idea Rundocuri, I'll have to give that a try. I am always tugging and shaking at my pillows to get them back inside the cases. I hadn't thought of trying larger pillow cases.

Post 1

I like to use queen sized pillow cases on my standard pillows. They fit better, and prevent the pillows from popping out of the cases.

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