What are the Different Pilates Instructor Jobs?

Jessica Ellis

Pilates instructors are certified fitness experts that can provide a wide variety of exercise-related services. There are many different Pilates instructor jobs available for teachers of all levels, from newly certified to highly experienced. It is important to examine the different types of Pilates instructor jobs in order to help guide a career as an instructor down a fulfilling road.

A pilates instructor.
A pilates instructor.

Most Pilates instructor jobs for beginning instructors will involve working at a gym or health spa. These types of businesses often provide clients with a full schedule of available classes and often have space open for new instructors. For those with a basic certification, consider looking for Pilates instructor jobs that handle beginning students only. This can give a teacher time to hone and improve his or her personal skills and master the technique of teaching a class while not worrying about difficult or advanced moves.

Cruise ships employ Pilates instructors as part of their fitness offerings.
Cruise ships employ Pilates instructors as part of their fitness offerings.

Those who have experience in another, related discipline often have the opportunity to create unique blended classes that will draw a crowd. Combining Pilates with dance, weight training, or yoga can help build a memorable class that will keep students interested and guessing. Talk to the class organizer about possible opportunities for unusual classes.

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Some Pilates instructor jobs are done on a private, one-to-one basis. Many clients do not want to waste time getting to the gym when they can have a teacher just come to the house. One on one training allows a teacher to closely analyze the skills, strengths and weaknesses of a client and build a personalized workout that will benefit his or her client. Rates for private classes are generally much higher than for group classes, and offering private classes can even land an instructor celebrity or other high-profile clients.

There may be some Pilates instructor jobs available at physical therapy organizations. These are typically places where injured or disabled patients come to rehabilitate and gain strength through supervised exercise. In some cases, jobs at a physical therapy center may require additional certification, but this is not always the case. As long as the class is basic in technique and the teacher is confidant in modifying moves around injuries, a Pilates teacher can be a great asset to a physical therapy location.

Pilates is well-known all over the world, leading to some interesting opportunities for Pilates instructor jobs that require travel. Cruise ships often employ Pilates instructors to give onboard classes to any passengers who can be lured away from the buffet table. Check job boards for overseas posting for Pilates instructors jobs in just about any country in the world. Finding a job as a Pilates instructor can be a great way to match a desire to travel with a marketing skill.

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