What are the Different Pharmacy Clerk Jobs?

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While specific duties may vary from place to place, all pharmacy clerk jobs are extremely similar. The main tasks of a pharmacy clerk are to assist the pharmacist on-duty with his or her daily tasks, and to ensure that all pharmacy procedures run smoothly. Pharmacy clerks may also be asked to perform various clerical jobs.

Pharmacy clerks may be responsible for handling the cash register, speaking with clients, stocking shelves, and managing customer files. Often, it is the responsibility of a pharmacy clerk to create new files for customers, which involves speaking with customers about specific insurance plans. In addition, a pharmacy clerk may be required to contact clients regarding file discrepancies.

It is not uncommon for a pharmacy clerk to count inventory at the end of a work day. Thus, pharmacy clerk jobs are well-suited for those people who have basic math and organizational skills. In addition, a pharmacy clerk is responsible for reporting inventory accurately and precisely. Without the help of a pharmacy clerk, pharmacists may run out of medication.

Pharmacy clerk jobs can be found in a number of places, though retail pharmacies tend to employ the most clerks. Other employers of pharmacy clerks include hospitals, some larger grocery stores, and department stores that offer prescription medication services. Since most pharmacies are open every day of the week, the work hours of a pharmacy clerk can be demanding.


Pharmacy clerks are often asked to work weekends, and some may even be asked to work a night shift if a pharmacy is open for 24 hour periods. In every manner, pharmacy clerk jobs are demanding physically and mentally. People that possess an excellent work attitude will excel at a pharmacy clerk position, while those that wish to work standard business hours will not find this type of position enjoyable.

Educationally speaking, pharmacy clerks gain experience by working within a pharmaceutical environment. Many part-time positions are offered to students that wish to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical field. Full-time positions may require a candidate to possess a high-school diploma, and some pharmacy clerks often obtain additional certification.

Pharmacy clerk jobs are largely customer-oriented, which means that all candidates must be able to effectively communicate with the general public. Often, clients of pharmacies can be sick, irritable, or in a rush, which may cause added stress. Those that find this type of work rewarding must have patience, some pharmaceutical knowledge, and great communication skills.


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