What are the Different Personal Shopper Jobs?

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Personal shopper jobs can be fun and allow someone to get paid for doing the one thing he or she enjoys doing…shopping! Personal shoppers buy clothes, cosmetics, groceries and other items for individuals or companies who do not have time to do their own shopping. These professional shoppers can work in different positions including independent shopping consultants for several clients or a shopper for one client such as a large boutique store.

One of the available personal shopper jobs is a retail clothing store personal shopper. The personal shopper is generally an independent contractor but works exclusively for the retail store. The store benefits because it can offer the personal shopper’s services to the customers and the shopper will in turn buy the customer’s clothes from the store. Often, personal shoppers offer additional services to customers such as image counseling along with planning outfits and accessories before a special event. Options may also include calling customers to let them know when certain clothes in their size and favorite colors have arrived at the store or boutique.

Another one of the growing personal shopper jobs is a grocery store personal shopper. Grocery store personal shoppers usually cater to people who find grocery shopping difficult or time-consuming, such as working executives as well as handicapped and elderly individuals. Part of the service may include bringing the groceries in and putting them up which helps people who are confined or unable to lift large bags of items.


Corporations often hire personal shoppers to shop for items for clients and staff. The personal shopper may buy different things ranging from food for office events to special birthday gifts for company clients. Some companies have their shoppers run errands that a personal assistant might perform including picking up dry cleaning and lunch. Other shoppers might get the best prices for hotel rooms and restaurants and plan trips for company outings and other events.

Most individuals who work in personal shopper jobs have a talent for finding out what people want based on their likes and dislikes and make it their business to get it for them. Things that a person would need to do to become a personal shopper include keeping up with current trends, selections and pricing. People who have personal shopper jobs that involve purchasing food and groceries would need to stay aware of the health needs of their customers as well as any dietary restrictions. Overall, shoppers should have an outgoing personality, be professional and have bookkeeping and management skills so that they can run a profitable business.


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