What are the Different Parts of an Exercise Ball Routine?

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There are a number of exercises that can be incorporated into an exercise ball routine to work out many areas of the body and target specific muscle groups. One section of an exercise ball routine might involve the exerciser lying on the floor, grasping the exercise ball with the feet or legs, performing movements that work the legs and abdominal region. Another section is likely to involve the exerciser sitting on the ball and performing exercises that target the abdomen and upper body. In another section, the exerciser might support her upper body by keeping her hands flat on the floor while performing exercises in which her feet are balanced on top of the exercise ball. Finally, an exercise ball routine might include a section in which the exerciser balances her abdomen on the top of the ball and works muscles in her back.


In the first section, the exerciser may perform a number of exercises while keeping at least her lower back flat on the floor. In a reverse curl, the exerciser would grasp the ball between her legs and bring the ball in towards her chest. In a lumbar roll, she would balance her calves on the top of the ball and, while maintaining contact with the ball, roll the legs down to the left or right until they nearly touch the ground, and then repeat the exercise on the other side. Also while lying down, the exerciser can extend her feet toward the ceiling, grasping the exercise ball between her calves, and perform crunches.

The most common exercises that involve the exerciser sitting on top of the ball include arm and abdominal exercisers. While balancing on top of the ball, the exerciser can perform crunches and alternating crunches. She can also do some repetitions with dumbbells while sitting in this position. In another section of an exercise ball routine, the abdomen may be balanced on the ball while the exerciser performs lower back extensions.

Some of the most challenging exercises in an exercise ball routine involve the exerciser using her arms to keep her upper body supported while balancing her legs on the ball. In order to perform the two leg pike, the exerciser balances her shins on the top of the ball, supports her upper body with extended arms, and pulls the legs in toward the body, rolling the ball as part of the motion. The same exercise can be performed while pulling only one leg in toward the body and keeping the second leg extended.


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