What Are the Different Parakeet Colors?

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Parakeets are birds seen in a wide variety of colors, stripes, and pied mutations. This type of bird will always have a base color, seen in a yellow pigmentation or white-based pigmentation. The base color can be seen underneath the contour feathers and stripes, while the primary color may vary. Some of the common primary parakeet colors are yellow, green, and blue. Violet, white, and gray parakeets are not as commonly produced.

It is common for bird breeders to attempt to achieve unusual color patterns in parrots and parakeets. This is because many perspective parakeet owners demand unusual colors, patterns, and mutations, and these rarities often command a higher price. When bred in captivity, there will often be a wide array of parakeet colors available. Some avian experts believe cross-breeding in an attempt to achieve specific mutations may cause a genetic flaw, subjecting birds to illness or defects. Animal with some color mutations, however, have shown to be as hardy and long lived as the birds with natural color varieties found in the wild.

In the wild, parakeet colors are basically dark green. A wild parakeet's plumage helps camouflage it from the dangers of its natural Australian habitat. Predators, such as snakes and larger species of birds, have difficulty spotting the natural dark green parakeet colors amid trees and fields.


The most widely available parakeet colors are green and blue. Breeders of exotic birds find blue to be the easiest color to attain when mating parakeets for color. The blue parakeets may be found in various shades, such as light blue or dark blue.

By mating a dark blue parakeet with a dark yellow variety, results may vary. Parakeet offspring may be green, yellow, blue or even purple. The unusual appearance of a purple or violet mutation is considered attractive and desirable.

When bred in captivity, it is not uncommon to find multi-colored variations of parakeets for sale. These unusual patterns are highly desired by many bird owners. Some examples are light blue parakeets with white flecks, or white parakeets with green spots.

It is easy to determine the sex of a parakeet when it reaches maturity. One can distinguish a male parakeet from a female simply by noticing the color of the bird's cere. The cere, or fleshy skin surrounding the nostrils, will be dark blue in a male parakeet, while a female will display a dark tan or brown cere.


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Post 3

@burcidi-- Thanks for that information. I bought a parakeet several weeks ago. The lady who sold her to me said that she's a "recessive pied" parakeet. I'm not sure what that means but she is mostly white. Her tummy is interesting though because the top half of her tummy is white and the bottom half is blue. She was the only parakeet with this unique color combination at the store.

Post 2

I used to think that all parakeets were either blue, yellow or green. But when my uncle started running a pet shop, I saw so many different parakeet colors there. There are actually many color mutations for parakeets but some are just not as common as others. Even the blue and green ones come in many different shades depending on the base color.

I had the opportunity to speak with someone who breeds parakeets for the pet shop and he told me that parakeets have a base color, a body color and then stripes. The base color is the color of the face, body color is different and a variety of tones can emerge when body and base color mix. The stripes are usually gray or black.

There are even albino parakeets that only have a base color like white or yellow. It's quite interesting.

Post 1

I had a parakeet that was green with black stripes on his wings and yellow on his face. He was so adorable! I loved his bright green color. That's why I named him Kiwi!

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